Rank Blog Today Average Category
1 Neutral Tales of the City
Finding wildness in the heart of a UK city
0 31.5 Writing
2 Neutral Wild Muse
Meandering musings about the natural world: ecology, wildlife, and our environment. And books! LOTS OF BOOKS!
2 26.5 Writing
3 Neutral Sage to Meadow
An ecological narrative of living with land and people in the American Southwest, grassland and Cross Timbers by an historian and field anthropologist.
2 17.3 Writing
4 Neutral Rooted in the Earth: Reclaiming the African American Environmental Heritage
My blog is a place to share about and discuss African Americans and the environment.
1 14.4 Writing
5 Neutral Blacktop Rain
A blog of creative non-fiction nature writing, with a particular focus on urban nature.
0 5.7 Writing
6 Neutral Murmuration
British natural history notes, news, articles and reviews. Photographs. Nature in the arts and nature education.
2 4.7 Writing
7 Neutral Landing on Cloudy Water
Nature. Place. Minnesota. Home. One writer's attempt to seek out inspiration.
1 3.4 Writing
8 Neutral Sky like that
A country diary documenting and elaborating on nature walks in Britain and beyond. Landscape-inspired prose, poetry and fiction.
0 2.7 Writing
9 Neutral Connecting People with Nature, and Writers with Words
For writers whose work is informed by the natural world.
1 2.6 Writing
10 Neutral Fen-Edge Encounters
Notes from an unremarkable country - this blog documents encounters with landscape and nature within two miles radius of my house just north of Cambridge, U.K.
0 2.4 Writing
11 Neutral Life in a Goan village
Musings and observations - the seen and the unseen - of a city-dweller living amidst nature in a village by the sea. Lyrical, insightful, funny, serious.
0 2.1 Writing
12 Neutral All for the Earth
Simple observations about how our lifestyle impacts the Earth. How some simple changes can make a difference too.
0 2 Writing
13 Neutral Poetuition
Merging bird and nature photography with some poetry and thoughts.
1 1.7 Writing
14 Neutral Ranger m goes to Alaska
Reflecting on the human relationship to place and the more than human world.
0 1.3 Writing
15 Neutral greentangle
Natural history from Walden Pond to Lake Superior to Yellowstone, books (nature writing & more), deep ecology, animal ethics, and the end of industrialism.
0 0.5 Writing
16 Neutral Pines Above Snow
A literary approach to environmental conservation.
0 0.2 Writing
17 Neutral Real Monstrosities
A journey amongst the weird, the wonderful and the downright ugly of the natural world.
0 0.2 Writing
18 Neutral Fragments from Floyd
Landscapes, wordscapes and a sense of place from the Blue Ridge Mts of VA...by naturalist, teacher and life-long biology-watcher and photographer, Fred First
0 0.1 Writing
19 Neutral Fathom of Adam
A country boy's poetry and photography focused on nature, our connection to the world, and deep ecology.
0 0.1 Writing
20 Neutral Sense of Misplaced
Commentary on nature and human nature. "Sense of place" is overrated. Timing, on the other hand, is everything.
0 0.1 Writing
21 Neutral Beneath the Stream
Exploring landscape, wildlife and perception. New nature writing for our time
0 0.1 Writing
22 Neutral Living on the Edge of the Wild
Explores living in a more than human world through writing and reflecting on our years living sailing around the world.
0 0 Writing
23 Neutral Enchanted Lands and Fables
Fables and Films on nature from fragile places on earth.
0 0 Writing
24 Neutral Backwoods and Beyond
A Montana Amateur Naturalist Takes to the Woods
0 0 Writing
25 Neutral The Girl Outdoors
A blog for girls who swim in rivers, climb mountains and ride bicycles. Features adventures, travel, fashion, places to stay, recipes, reviews and a lot more.
0 0 Writing
26 Neutral Huginn/Muninn
A native Illinoisian's attempt, through word and photograph, to bridge the gap between the outside and the inside worlds.
0 0 Writing
27 Neutral Barrowboy
Essays, comments and rants on travel, birding, environment and life.
0 0 Writing
28 Neutral Walk With Father Nature
Encourage people to explore the outdoors with curiosity. Be grateful for the miraculous gifts in nature. Share God's magnificent creation.
0 0 Writing
29 Neutral Animal Visions
a creative and intellectual exploration into animals' lives and interspecies ecological communities with an eye for the city
0 0 Writing
30 Neutral Diary of a Wild Place
An artist's unscientific study of the natural world. Norfolk UK
0 0 Writing
31 Neutral Nature Writing Notes
Exploring human connections (and disconnections) with nature, particularly as expressed through non-fiction and fiction writing.
0 0 Writing
32 Neutral Nature-based Spirituality
My novel A RETURNING WIND and my book on personal growth FINDING BALANCE: TURNING STUMBLING BLOCKS INTO STEPPING STONES are based on fundamental ideas of nature, trust, and community.
0 0 Writing
33 Neutral Shawn E. Bell
Shawn Bell is an American author, screenwriter, publisher, naturalist, and software designer currently living in Southern California.
0 0 Writing
34 Neutral ConneCTing Lines
"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." - Albert Einstein
0 0 Writing
35 Neutral Marie Sansone: Nature, Cycling & Finding America
An author’s blog to accompany the novel, Stories of the Road, sharing ideas on nature, environmental history, and outdoor recreation.
0 0 Writing
36 Neutral The Field Notebook
Notes from the Natural World. Essays, short sketches, photography.
0 0 Writing
37 Neutral George L. Verge: Bushcrafter – Naturalist – Philosopher – Photographer
The on-line presence of George L. Verge, a Canadian Photographer and Naturalist.
0 0 Writing
38 Neutral Memorizing Nature
Fantastical yet critical writings on biology by Elaine Medline
0 0 Writing
39 Neutral Between the Lines
Nature writing and psychogeography.
0 0 Writing
40 Neutral Inkwell Whispers
Small poems heard and gathered. Poems and haiku printed on antique paper, placed in natural settings, then photographed. Haiga and sumi-e ink brush paintings.
0 0 Writing