Rank Blog Today Average Category
1 Neutral Real Monstrosities
A journey amongst the weird, the wonderful and the downright ugly of the natural world.
747 1027.7 Writing
2 Neutral Wild Muse
Meandering musings about the natural world: ecology, wildlife, and our environment. And books! LOTS OF BOOKS!
63 44.7 Writing
3 Neutral Sage to Meadow
An ecological narrative of living with land and people in the American Southwest, grassland and Cross Timbers by an historian and field anthropologist.
39 33.9 Writing
4 Neutral Arca de Darwin
A site about human and wild nature
32 27.3 Writing
5 Neutral Walk With Father Nature
Encourage people to explore the outdoors with curiosity. Be grateful for the miraculous gifts in nature. Share God's magnificent creation.
37 27.2 Writing
6 Neutral Shawn E. Bell
Shawn Bell is an American author, screenwriter, publisher, naturalist, and software designer currently living in Southern California.
24 14.7 Writing
7 Neutral Rooted in the Earth: Reclaiming the African American Environmental Heritage
My blog is a place to share about and discuss African Americans and the environment.
13 14.5 Writing
8 Neutral Nature Scribe
I'm a Tasmanian writer who loves learning and writing about nature, from the smallest bugs to the broadest landscapes.
16 12.8 Writing
9 Neutral Wild Ramblings
A New England Ecologist's Articles, Thoughts, and Photos.
16 12.5 Writing
10 Neutral My Minnesota
Minnesota's "hotdish" of nature, places and people
15 9.7 Writing
11 Neutral Connecting People with Nature, and Writers with Words
For writers whose work is informed by the natural world.
11 9 Writing
12 Neutral Nature Writing Notes
Exploring human connections (and disconnections) with nature, particularly as expressed through non-fiction and fiction writing.
4 6.6 Writing
13 Neutral Animal Visions
a creative and intellectual exploration into animals' lives and interspecies ecological communities with an eye for the city
30 6.4 Writing
14 Neutral Blacktop Rain
A blog of creative non-fiction nature writing, with a particular focus on urban nature.
5 6.4 Writing
15 Neutral Paradise From My Porch
Travels, Travails and Terrors of Northern California from an Off Grid Green Perspective
12 6.1 Writing
16 Neutral Sense of Misplaced
Commentary on nature and human nature. "Sense of place" is overrated. Timing, on the other hand, is everything.
5 5.8 Writing
17 Neutral One Good Thing
Observing the good in Nature and Life
5 5.5 Writing
18 Neutral Tales of the City
Finding wildness in the heart of a UK city
11 5.3 Writing
19 Neutral Landing on Cloudy Water
Nature. Place. Minnesota. Home. One writer's attempt to seek out inspiration.
15 5 Writing
20 Neutral Murmuration
British natural history notes, news, articles and reviews. Photographs. Nature in the arts and nature education.
4 4.7 Writing
21 Neutral Backwoods and Beyond
A Montana Amateur Naturalist Takes to the Woods
7 4 Writing
22 Neutral Diary of a Wild Place
An artist's unscientific study of the natural world. Norfolk UK
2 3.5 Writing
23 Neutral All for the Earth
Simple observations about how our lifestyle impacts the Earth. How some simple changes can make a difference too.
1 3.1 Writing
24 Neutral Life in a Goan village
Musings and observations - the seen and the unseen - of a city-dweller living amidst nature in a village by the sea. Lyrical, insightful, funny, serious.
9 2.8 Writing
25 Neutral The Pine Meadow Pond Journal
Living the writing life on and around the pond.
2 2.7 Writing
26 Neutral Books and Beasts
Books and Beasts focuses on reviews of books about animals and related topics.
8 2.7 Writing
27 Neutral Sky like that
A country diary documenting and elaborating on nature walks in Britain and beyond. Landscape-inspired prose, poetry and fiction.
3 2.6 Writing
28 Neutral Wild Missouri
This is an exploration of the wild, natural beauty of Missouri, of its rivers and hills and spring fed creeks.
3 2.5 Writing
29 Neutral The Migrant Naturalist
Irish naturalist and birder Catherine Sligh's humorous take on her new life exploring North America's birds, wildlife, plants and environment.
2 2.3 Writing
30 Neutral Poetuition
Merging bird and nature photography with some poetry and thoughts.
5 1.8 Writing
31 Neutral Fen-Edge Encounters
Notes from an unremarkable country - this blog documents encounters with landscape and nature within two miles radius of my house just north of Cambridge, U.K.
3 1.8 Writing
32 Neutral Writings From Wild Soul
I am a wanderer of forests, creek beds, canyons and high desert who, coming home, sometimes finds words to tell the story. I am a companion with others in the search for Deep, Wild Soul. I shape containers in time and space for others to come together to
0 1.5 Writing
33 Neutral greentangle
Natural history from Walden Pond to Lake Superior to Yellowstone, books (nature writing & more), deep ecology, animal ethics, and the end of industrialism.
1 1.2 Writing
34 Neutral Ranger m goes to Alaska
Reflecting on the human relationship to place and the more than human world.
1 1.1 Writing
35 Neutral Pines Above Snow
A literary approach to environmental conservation.
0 0.6 Writing
36 Neutral Fathom of Adam
A country boy's poetry and photography focused on nature, our connection to the world, and deep ecology.
0 0.4 Writing
37 Neutral Inkwell Whispers
Small poems heard and gathered. Poems and haiku printed on antique paper, placed in natural settings, then photographed. Haiga and sumi-e ink brush paintings.
0 0.4 Writing
38 Neutral ConneCTing Lines
"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." - Albert Einstein
0 0.2 Writing
39 Neutral Between the Lines
Nature writing and psychogeography.
0 0.2 Writing
40 Neutral Memorizing Nature
Fantastical yet critical writings on biology by Elaine Medline
0 0.1 Writing