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1 Neutral Cryptozoology Online: Still on the track
Cryptozoology, high strangeness, conservation, education and good old-fashioned Natural-History. The Centre for Fortean Zoology [CFZ] have adventures, hunt unknown-animals, publish books, get into trouble, and try to change the world ..just a little bit
147 3921 Natural History
2 Neutral Tetrapod Zoology ver 3
Amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals (the tetrapods), living and fossil. Their evolution, ecology, behaviour and biology. Think killer eagles, dinosaurs, giant rabbits, seabird biology and obscure frogs.
219 2589.4 Natural History
3 Neutral ShukerNature
Zoologist and author Dr Karl Shuker's ShukerNature blog, investigating wildlife mysteries and anomalies, cryptozoology, and animal mythology.
48 1071 Natural History
4 Neutral This Week at Hilton Pond
An on-going weekly series of photo essays about plants, animals, habitats, and natural phenomena of the Carolina Piedmont, and beyond. Also highlighting hummingbirds in the U.S. and Central America. Long-running blog founded 'way back in February 2000.
21 839.9 Natural History
5 Neutral Ask A Naturalist.com
Ask questions about nature and get answers from a naturalist.
15 661.7 Natural History
6 Neutral The Artful Amoeba
A Blog about the Weird Wonderfulness of Life on Earth. Biodiversity, natural history, and neglected organisms -- made fun.
220 591.8 Natural History
7 Neutral Ohio Birds and Biodiversity
A pictorial romp through the coolest habitats of the Midwest, with close encounters with our most interesting flora and fauna.
23 562.6 Natural History
8 Neutral Julie Zickefoose
I'm an artist, writer and NPR commentator who lives in the Appalachian foothills of Ohio. With this blog, I hope to show what happens when you make room in your life, every day, for the things that bring you joy. Strange...most of them are free.
15 341.6 Natural History
9 Neutral Mudfooted - Discovering our weird and fascinating natural world
Mudfooted: read all about the weird and unique species that inhabit our planet. It presents the latest nature news, featured animals, nature videos, and fascinating scientific articles.
7 289.8 Natural History
10 Neutral Geotripper
Geology, photography and natural history of California, the western United States, and other interesting places of the world
36 287 Natural History
11 Neutral The 3 Foragers
A family of 3 who forage wild food and fungi in New England
9 278 Natural History
12 Neutral WildNewJersey
WildNewJersey is a one-stop source for everything you need on wildlife and conservation in NJ including daily breaking news and so much more!
6 218.8 Natural History
13 Neutral The Featured Creature
Every day several species are posted that are relatively unknown to the general population. These creatures can be cute and cuddly, or strange and bizarre. Each one will be sure to amaze and intrigue you.
10 213.9 Natural History
14 Neutral Backyard and beyond
An amateur naturalist explores the urban wilds of Brooklyn (you might be surprised) and beyond.
5 186.2 Natural History
15 Neutral The Lazy Lizard's Tales
Explorations and sightings of Singapore's rich biodiversity, random musings on ecology and biology, and a message for people to open their eyes to the beauty around them.
7 169.3 Natural History
16 Neutral Ireland's Wildlife
Get closer to the wild side of Ireland
12 167.4 Natural History
17 Neutral Saratoga woods and waterways
A chronicle of nature discoveries in the splendid natural areas of Saratoga County, focusing on flora and fauna along the wild Hudson River.
2 163 Natural History
18 Neutral Ugly Overload
Giving ugly animals their day in the sun. Your source for daily ugly.
7 158.8 Natural History
19 Neutral Pure Florida
I'm a native Floridian living on Florida's nature coast and sharing daily views of Florida's last frontier. At Pure Florida, you'll find a mix of science, nature photography, some silliness, Labrador Retrievers, and lots of critters. It's wild here.
6 157.8 Natural History
20 Neutral Island Nature
Nature photography and writing about Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada and beyond - bird watching, botany, insects, fungi, wildlife viewing and more.
10 151.1 Natural History
21 Neutral The Quantum Biologist
A blog that uses humor, poetry, rigorous science and questionable theories to showcase some of the Earth’s strangest and most fascinating animals.
8 125.5 Natural History
22 Neutral Samal Bahay Kubo
Natural Mindanao, Philippines
8 120.7 Natural History
23 Neutral Ron Bury's Wildlife
Wildlife study, survey and photography in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland, UK.
1 117.1 Natural History
24 Neutral Go Hydrology
Light reading for the discerning hydrologist.
1 113.7 Natural History
25 Neutral In Season
Learn about nature in Philly - we're on the Atlantic Flyway, we have a freshwater tidal marsh, we have old growth forest, Bald Eagles nest here, we're on a broad flat sandy plain. We are more than rabid sports fans, pretzels and cheesesteaks.
5 113.4 Natural History
26 Neutral Willow House Chronicles
Earth-friendly organic gardening and rural life with an eastern Ontario naturephile.
2 101.6 Natural History
27 Neutral Wanderin' Weeta (With Waterfowl and Weeds)
Notes and photos from wanderings in the Fraser River delta: birds, green stuff, tiny beasties and whatever strikes my fancy.
5 100.7 Natural History
28 Neutral Tales From the Wood - The Diary of a Badger Watching Man
Personal experiences of a (very) amateur naturalist exploring the wildlife of his local part of Britain. Sometimes even includes badgers!
5 99.6 Natural History
29 Neutral the Marvelous in nature
A wise man once said, "In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous." Things have changed since Aristotle's time, but there is still plenty of the marvelous in nature for one who is willing to look.
3 98 Natural History
30 Neutral The Roaming Naturalist
News, articles, ideas, activities, and ramblings on a variety of nature topics, especially evolution and wildlife!
3 95.8 Natural History
31 Neutral Nature - Wildlife in the slow lane
Amateur nature and wildlife blog, wildlife photos, information.
1 94.2 Natural History
32 Neutral Cabinet of Curiosities
A natural history blog from the North of England
3 88.9 Natural History
33 Neutral Diario de un naturalista
Blog of Victor J. Hernandez, naturalist and best-selling author of nature books and field guides.
1 88.5 Natural History
34 Neutral Louisville Fossils
A blog about fossils generally from the Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian and Mississippian (Carboniferous) Periods of the Paleozoic era.
5 82.4 Natural History
35 Neutral Patagonian Monsters
A serious cryptozoology blog on Patagonia's mythical (and real) creatures: mylodon, nahuelito, iemisch, warrah, the "plesiosaur" and more. Serious research, critical thinking.
3 80.6 Natural History
36 Neutral Springfield Plateau
Blog for Springfield Plateau Chapter of the Missouri Master Naturalist™, a community based natural resource education and volunteer program.
2 79.9 Natural History
37 Neutral A Nature Mom
A blog about getting outside and exploring the wonders nature with my family.
3 77.7 Natural History
38 Neutral Pencil and Leaf
an artists blog, I draw and learn and learn and draw and then do it all over again, mostly, for the time being, from a botanical garden in Orlando
3 77.5 Natural History
39 Neutral Back Yard Biology
A biology professor explores the natural history of her backyard in Minnesota and more exotic locales.
7 77.3 Natural History
40 Neutral Earth Friendly Gardening
EFG is about gardening and nature, including sustainable gardening, ecology and ecosystems, conservation, plants and trees, and agriculture.
3 76.3 Natural History