Rank Blog Today Average Category
1 Neutral Marking My Territory
Based in Tennessee, our dog friendly trail rating system is designed to give a more rounded perspective on the great trail guides that are already out there.
181 354.5 Hiking/Outdoors
2 Neutral Beaut-Tree
Beaut-Tree is a hiking and backpacking blog exploring the mountains in the Sierra Nevada on adventure at a time.
188 343.8 Hiking/Outdoors
3 Neutral Natural Unseen Hazards
What wildlife professionals, hunters, campers, and hikers should know about pathogens commonly found in wildlife.
138 205.5 Hiking/Outdoors
4 Neutral MyLifeOutdoors
Blogging outdoor adventures in Texas and surrounding states.
59 97.8 Hiking/Outdoors
5 Neutral The Natural Capital
Plants, animals, and wild places in the Washington, DC area: a true wealth of nature. Stop by and watch the seasons unfold with us.
28 86.8 Hiking/Outdoors
6 Neutral Nature Blog at neoNaturalist.com
A sporadic blog about Nature, Hiking, Parks, and how humans and Nature are inter-related.
48 77.3 Hiking/Outdoors
7 Neutral My Quality Day
a personal list of elements that help me remember than any day will have some redeeming quality (many of them have to do with being outside)
39 35.6 Hiking/Outdoors
8 Neutral Adam Paul's Nature Blog
Nature photography and travel narratives, with a focus on birds.
20 32 Hiking/Outdoors
9 Neutral Walking in the Wilds of Scotland
blogging about Various walks and camping trips around Scotland, and wildlife seen along the way
24 30.3 Hiking/Outdoors
10 Neutral Travel With a Couple
TravelWithaCouple is a blog by a nature loving couple from India. We write about our travels - mostly to wild life sanctuaries and treks/hikes in India.
21 30.1 Hiking/Outdoors
11 Neutral Inside the Mountain's Skin: Writing and Wilderness
Adventures in wilderness and wild places.
23 29.2 Hiking/Outdoors
12 Neutral Kalamazoo Seasons
Enjoying nature in Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan: hiking, biking, paddling, birds, wildflowers, mammals, etc
19 16.4 Hiking/Outdoors
13 Neutral Just Your Average Hiker
Thoughts on hiking, backpacking, camping, general outdoors, and other stuff on my mind.
6 13.4 Hiking/Outdoors
14 Neutral A Walk Across the Giant
Trail reports, stories and photos from the best day-hikes around Connecticut.
13 12.1 Hiking/Outdoors
15 Neutral Big Rock Excursions
Ramblings of a northwest Washington free-time hiker.
9 9 Hiking/Outdoors
16 Neutral ybbs outdoors
Not just the opposite of indoors. Sharing is the rationale of this blog, on enjoying while protecting and preserving our great outdoors. Blogging from mountains to beaches.
7 8.8 Hiking/Outdoors
17 Neutral Soundbounder
A Long Island Sound coastal access and explorers blog.
4 8.7 Hiking/Outdoors
18 Neutral Florida Hikes and Other Outdoor Information by Tom Choma
Hiking, GPS, Google Earth, WIKILOC and other outdoor information. Also writeups about Central/East Coast Florida outdoor areas. Photos of areas and items I enjoy.
3 8.5 Hiking/Outdoors
19 Neutral NJ Outdoors
Creating a community for everyone that enjoys the outdoors of the Garden State.
4 8.4 Hiking/Outdoors
20 Neutral MyJourney
Hiking, trekking and travelling are my interest for which I am able to explore the Nature.
7 7.2 Hiking/Outdoors
21 Neutral The Joys of Simple Life
Blog about some of the hiking trails, natural wonders in the places we explored, and more of the simple joys from our natural world.
7 7.1 Hiking/Outdoors
22 Neutral Scottish Wildlife Blog
A blog for recording/photographing the birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects, plants and fungi that i encounter whilst hillwalking throughout Scotland.
6 6.1 Hiking/Outdoors
23 Neutral Squam Lakes Natural Science Center Blog
Squam Lakes Natural Science Center Blog
5 5.9 Hiking/Outdoors
24 Neutral Florida Adventurer
A Florida blog celebrating all of the amazing things to do in the wild spaces of the Sunshine State.
5 5.7 Hiking/Outdoors
25 Neutral Elk Lake News
A blog about living in and loving nature at a remote Montana resort - for friends and guests and nature-lovers.
4 5.7 Hiking/Outdoors
26 Neutral Heart of the West Coast
Here you'll find a little natural history, wilderness lore, and an eclectic chronicle of life on Vancouver Island.
2 5.5 Hiking/Outdoors
27 Neutral Dina's City Wildlife Adventures
Stories and pictures of nature and wildlife in the Tampa Bay area.
7 5 Hiking/Outdoors
28 Neutral North Country Trail News
News items for anyone with an interest in the North Country National Scenic Trail
3 4.9 Hiking/Outdoors
29 Neutral Roundtop Ruminations
I write and take photos about my life in a cabin in the eastern forests of Pennsylvania. I write about what I see and do. Posts tend to be "bird heavy," but I write about whatever catches my eye at the time.
4 4.7 Hiking/Outdoors
30 Neutral EcoStrides
Enjoying and protecting nature, one step at a time
7 4.3 Hiking/Outdoors
31 Neutral Life at the Blue Rock Ranch
Come check out what is in your own back yard. I am 20 miles from a major metropolitan city and I find a wonder of nature everyday!
2 3.6 Hiking/Outdoors
32 Neutral Helpful Hiking Tips
Discover hiking tips and resources to help you get the most out of your hiking adventures.
2 3.6 Hiking/Outdoors
33 Neutral Making Owls Cool (Since 1986)
Nature writing, photography, and outdoor-living discussions often focusing on, but not exclusively, the southwest.
1 3.5 Hiking/Outdoors
34 Neutral Nature Bee
Blog about outdoor activities including bird watching, camping, hiking, maple syrup making.
1 3 Hiking/Outdoors
35 Neutral Melissa on the Trail
A blog about hiking and backpacking. My hikes are mainly in the Great Smokies National Park and on the Appalachian Trail.
1 2.2 Hiking/Outdoors
36 Neutral Slow yew down (a norfolk countryside and nature diary)
I live in Norfolk, England, my blog is mostly about the English countryside around where I live, ie The Broads, and all the beautiful places I visit and the wildlife. I am most happy when walking through majestic woodlands, and yes I am a tree hugger, don
6 2.1 Hiking/Outdoors
37 Neutral Joe's Adventures
This native Floridian’s Blog features nature photography of South Florida and other areas that I travel. Other interests include hiking, bicycling, snorkeling, orchids, butterfly gardens, and cooking.
1 1.4 Hiking/Outdoors
38 Neutral The Nature Teacher
Adventure, exploration, and wonderment....the lessons and musings of a nature teacher and her students in the wilds of south Florida.
0 1.3 Hiking/Outdoors
39 Neutral Colleen's Trail Blog
A daily blog about things that inspire me: birds, trees, rocks, hiking, art, & travel.
2 1.3 Hiking/Outdoors
40 Neutral Take a Hike CK
Join me as I go try out the many trails that Chatham-Kent, ON has to offer!
0 1.3 Hiking/Outdoors