Rank Blog Today Average Category
1 Neutral Trek Ohio
Exploring Ohio's Nature Preserves and Parks
407 997.4 Hiking/Outdoors
2 Neutral Hiking Dude
Prepare for and enjoy safe hiking treks. Learn hiking skills, gear essentials, and safety procedures. Follow my long hikes. Link with me.
375 785.7 Hiking/Outdoors
3 Neutral Stick's Blog
My blog is essentially a record of my hiking career. Through it, I, and others, can see how I have evolved from a heavy weight backpacker, to a smarter, more efficient, lightweight backpacker. Through the use of video, still photos, and of course writing,
201 510.4 Hiking/Outdoors
4 Neutral Natural Unseen Hazards
What wildlife professionals, hunters, campers, and hikers should know about pathogens commonly found in wildlife.
156 461.4 Hiking/Outdoors
5 Neutral Marking My Territory
Based in Tennessee, our dog friendly trail rating system is designed to give a more rounded perspective on the great trail guides that are already out there.
121 310 Hiking/Outdoors
6 Neutral The Smoky Mountain Hiking Blog
Articles and information on hiking, outdoor adventures and the Great Smoky Mountains - and beyond.
121 227.4 Hiking/Outdoors
7 Neutral Romping and rolling in the rockies
A blog about exploring nature in the Front Range as I mountain bike, hike, and ski with my dogs.
54 140.4 Hiking/Outdoors
8 Neutral Total Escape Outside
California back roads & wilderness. Forests, parks, preserves, indian petroglyphs, museums, wineries & the trails. All outdoor recreation, lakes, streams, waterfalls, hot springs, anything outdoors.
32 131.3 Hiking/Outdoors
9 Neutral Nature Blog at neoNaturalist.com
A sporadic blog about Nature, Hiking, Parks, and how humans and Nature are inter-related.
70 126.2 Hiking/Outdoors
10 Neutral The Natural Capital
Plants, animals, and wild places in the Washington, DC area: a true wealth of nature. Stop by and watch the seasons unfold with us.
61 108.2 Hiking/Outdoors
11 Neutral Viewing nature with Eileen
My blog is about nature, animals and the birds I love to see. It is about the outdoors and hiking.
34 85 Hiking/Outdoors
12 Neutral Florida Adventurer
A Florida blog celebrating all of the amazing things to do in the wild spaces of the Sunshine State.
46 74.8 Hiking/Outdoors
13 Neutral MyLifeOutdoors
Blogging outdoor adventures in Texas and surrounding states.
20 70.2 Hiking/Outdoors
14 Neutral Badger Bushcraft Blog
Our Badger Bushcraft Blog, written mainly by professional bushcraft instructor and consultant in outdoor education Phil Brown, features a series of sections about our life in the countryside of Kent.
46 64.3 Hiking/Outdoors
15 Neutral Dina's City Wildlife Adventures
Stories and pictures of nature and wildlife in the Tampa Bay area.
31 60.8 Hiking/Outdoors
16 Neutral Walking in the Wilds of Scotland
blogging about Various walks and camping trips around Scotland, and wildlife seen along the way
30 55.5 Hiking/Outdoors
17 Neutral Oregon Foto Blog - Pictures of Oregon
Oregon Outdoors ~ The Top Photography & Hiking Destinations of Oregon
26 51 Hiking/Outdoors
18 Neutral The Huckleberry Hiker
Outdoor adventure, news and issues concerning Glacier National Park and the surrounding region.
22 49.9 Hiking/Outdoors
19 Neutral Beaut-Tree
Beaut-Tree is a hiking and backpacking blog exploring the mountains in the Sierra Nevada on adventure at a time.
18 47.4 Hiking/Outdoors
20 Neutral Bring Your Own Vegetables
I'm iris. I like to eat, make, hike, and travel (in that order). This is where I talk about what I like to do, what do you like to do?
26 47.4 Hiking/Outdoors
21 Neutral Oceanic Wilderness
Bits of nature throughout Texas and across the country with snippets from Florida as well.
21 41.3 Hiking/Outdoors
22 Neutral The Joys of Simple Life
Blog about some of the hiking trails, natural wonders in the places we explored, and more of the simple joys from our natural world.
15 38.5 Hiking/Outdoors
23 Neutral TGAW
Hiking/Photo Blog with an emphasis on trees and patterns: Survivor Trees, Hearts in Nature, Silo Trees, Kooshballs in Nature.
0 38.4 Hiking/Outdoors
24 Neutral My Quality Day
a personal list of elements that help me remember than any day will have some redeeming quality (many of them have to do with being outside)
16 36.3 Hiking/Outdoors
25 Neutral The Everyday Adventurer
A daily updated blog introducing beginners to nature, hiking, and everything outdoors in a fun and creative way.
27 35.7 Hiking/Outdoors
26 Neutral The Continuing Adventures of Eric and Noelle
Eric and Noelle's adventures exploring the United States.
13 34.8 Hiking/Outdoors
27 Neutral ybbs outdoors
Not just the opposite of indoors. Sharing is the rationale of this blog, on enjoying while protecting and preserving our great outdoors. Blogging from mountains to beaches.
18 33.9 Hiking/Outdoors
28 Neutral Kalamazoo Seasons
Enjoying nature in Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan: hiking, biking, paddling, birds, wildflowers, mammals, etc
11 32.9 Hiking/Outdoors
29 Neutral Appalachia & Beyond
Appalachia & Beyond is a blog about Tim and Robin Bird's exploits in the great outdoors of East Tennessee and then some.
11 29.5 Hiking/Outdoors
30 Neutral Africa Safari Blog
A blog detailing the Africa safari world with a focus on wildlife, wilderness places, and how to best experience them.
14 29 Hiking/Outdoors
31 Neutral Live and Learn
Living and learning at high altitude in Colorado, USA.
26 27.3 Hiking/Outdoors
32 Neutral Writer in the Wild
Writer in the Wild is a celebration of life, nature, and the outdoors. Topics can include hiking, backpacking, fishing, camping, survival and naturalism. The original content is delivered in vivid photographs with an emphasis on the written word.
12 26.4 Hiking/Outdoors
33 Neutral Inside the Mountain's Skin: Writing and Wilderness
Adventures in wilderness and wild places.
6 24.4 Hiking/Outdoors
34 Neutral Travel With a Couple
TravelWithaCouple is a blog by a nature loving couple from India. We write about our travels - mostly to wild life sanctuaries and treks/hikes in India.
20 23.9 Hiking/Outdoors
35 Neutral Sticks, Rocks, & Dirt
Sharing nature with children, finding nature in the city, and taking action to protect the earth.
7 23 Hiking/Outdoors
36 Neutral TrailPotato
An "outdoorsy" blog focus on all sorts of outdoor pursuits from biking to hiking to nature photography. It is a work in progress so tell me what you think. If you love nature check out some of my photos.
17 22.8 Hiking/Outdoors
37 Neutral Outdoorsy Mama
it's a celebration of kids, nature, parenthood with a humorous outdoorsy twist. see what you think!
11 22.4 Hiking/Outdoors
38 Neutral A Walk Across the Giant
Trail reports, stories and photos from the best day-hikes around Connecticut.
13 22.1 Hiking/Outdoors
39 Neutral Trail Snail
Follow a Washingtonian girl's journey toward physical (and mental) health on the trail.
6 21.7 Hiking/Outdoors
40 Neutral Life at the Blue Rock Ranch
Come check out what is in your own back yard. I am 20 miles from a major metropolitan city and I find a wonder of nature everyday!
10 19.2 Hiking/Outdoors