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1 Neutral Tropical Trees from São Paulo - Brazil
Pictures, history, species and another informations about the trees of São Paulo City in Brazil
220 488.1 Flora
2 Neutral Associação dos Amigos das Árvores de São Paulo
Informações científico culturais sobre as árvores que habitam a cidade de São Paulo.
220 478.9 Flora
3 Neutral Exploring the World of Trees
A collection of pictures and observations on a wide variety of tree species.
61 205.6 Flora
4 Neutral Árvores Vivas em Nossas Vidas
Inspired by trees and how humans are connected to them throw culture, history, products. In portuguese
30 195.9 Flora
5 Neutral rioMoros
Página de plantas, jardinería, naturaleza, medio ambiente y ecología, con buenos artículos e interesantes enlaces relacionados
24 133.7 Flora
6 Neutral The Phytophactor
A plant pundit comments on plants, the foibles and fun of academic life, and other things of interest.
20 133.3 Flora
7 Neutral Flora Urbana
A blog about the urban flora & fauna, vestigial nature and green spaces in Montreal, Canada. Notes on art & nature. In French.
21 130.5 Flora
8 Neutral Natural History Wanderings
Natural History Wanderings is a blog I created to share natural history explorations and information, especially wildflower travels and photos. Most posts will be from California, but may include anywhere.
57 127.5 Flora
9 Neutral USWildflowers Journal
Learning and Sharing Wildflowers of the United States. Daily wildflower photo, along with the occasional bug and bird.
15 78.3 Flora
10 Neutral The Natural Treasures of Ohio
A blog dedicated to the flora and fauna of Ohio and the Eastern United States.
18 70.8 Flora
11 Neutral Portraits of Wildflowers
A celebration in photographs and words of the native flora of Texas.
11 64.2 Flora
12 Neutral Watching The World Wake Up
Salt Lake City amateur botanist and avid cyclist seeks to observe and understand flora and fauna of the Wasatch Front.
21 63.9 Flora
13 Neutral Jehuite
This is a Spanish-language blog on the wild plants that surround us in the landscapes changed by humans (aka weeds), and biodiversity on the web. It accompanies the Weeds of Mexico website.
22 49.3 Flora
14 Neutral A Neotropical Savanna
Learning the plants in a savanna in Panama. Plant stories, identification, and ecology.
7 42.9 Flora
15 Neutral !!!
New blog with neat photos of plants & bugs along with identification and facts about each species
17 40.7 Flora
16 Neutral A Digital Botanic Garden
A digital botanic garden, where the plants are always in bloom and entry is free
6 40.3 Flora
17 Neutral Treasure Coast Natives
A blog about flora (and occasionally fauna) found in Palm Beach and Martin Counties,Florida. These counties have a vast number of conservation areas which contain almost 1300 non-cultivated plant species, 950 of which are native.
7 40.1 Flora
18 Neutral Weedpicker's Journal
Discover Ohio's native flora and the fliers (birds and butterflies) that utilize them.
12 38.1 Flora
19 Neutral Weedpicker Journal
Discover the native plants of Ohio and the fliers (birds and butterflies)that utilize them.
14 35.9 Flora
20 Neutral Moss Plants and More: Commentary on all things Bryological
A blog discussing moss and bryophyte biology, including mosses in the news, common species, and fun facts.
9 28.9 Flora
21 Neutral Trees, Plants and more
Tropical flora with the incidental invertebrate.
2 27.6 Flora
22 Neutral Get Your Botany On!
With contributors from around the United States, we primarily discuss plants, but also other aspects of our natural history.
7 25.7 Flora
23 Neutral Ten Thousand Trees
A blog dedicated to the biggest, tallest, oldest, widest, and otherwise most amazing trees in the world.
6 24.7 Flora
24 Neutral Florida's Native and Naturalized Orchids
Photographs and other musings related to wild orchids growing in Florida
1 21.9 Flora
25 Neutral California Wildflower Hikes
Hikes that you can take in California to view and photograph wildflowers
4 21.2 Flora
26 Neutral Michael Peverett's Blog
Plants in Somerset, Wiltshire and elsewhere.
0 19.5 Flora
27 Neutral Watching for Wildflowers
Photoblog tracking wildflowers in Massachusetts. Identifies, notes when they bloom and provides information. Also covers occasional fungi and wildlife.
3 19.3 Flora
28 Neutral Space Coast Wildflowers
A growing collection of wildflower reference photos for Brevard County, Florida
6 15.9 Flora
29 Neutral Hort Log
Plants, critters, field notes and nature through the tainted lenses of a plant enthusiast .....
5 15.3 Flora
30 Neutral The Street Tree
Musings on nature, plants, landscapes and the environment from a Londoner.
1 14.9 Flora
31 Neutral Menuda Natura
A blog about the flora and natural areas of the Serra Grossa, east of the Iberian Peninsula, with photographs, descriptions, traditional uses of plants and curiosities. in Catalan
4 14.5 Flora
32 Neutral C'mon Let's Plant a Tree
Planting Trees is the most noble thing a man return to his Mother Earth. Thats why this blog. This blog contains mainly News, view, articles about Tree-Planting. Usually most postings accompany a photo on Nature taken by me. Its sister to the Orkut Commun
2 13.1 Flora
33 Neutral West Virginia Native Wildflowers-The Big Year, 2013
Searching for and photographing West Virginia wildflowers, common and rare.
4 11.3 Flora
34 Neutral Landscapes and Gardens
A blog about landscaping, gardening and more ... related to public space as architecture, urban planning or city where you can see and learn about the exterior architecture (urban landscape) and surrounding. With information on plants, landscaping trends
0 10.4 Flora
35 Neutral A Plant a Day
See a plant each day as I photograph and learn plants in the central Great Basin.
2 8.9 Flora
36 Neutral Vermont musings
Southern Vermont wildflowers, trees, bugs and a certain amount of irreverence.
2 7.7 Flora
37 Neutral Forest | Arboreality - Tree Blogging
Come join me among the trees: I'm a writer & artist from the Pacific Northwest. At Arboreality I share experiences with trees, forests, gardens, wildspaces & all things green & growing.
2 7.2 Flora
38 Neutral Sandy Wildlife
Wildflowers and natural history blog based in Bedfordshire in England.
2 7.1 Flora
39 Neutral Biotope Design
The blog Biotope Design focus mainly on creating wild habitats and plant societies in parks and gardens to encourage wildlife.
1 6.3 Flora
40 Neutral Flora and Fauna of Appalachia
A combination of my experiences with nature, as well as a continuing field guide to the flora and fauna of both the foothills of southeastern Ohio and Massachusetts.
1 6.3 Flora