Rank Blog Today Average Category
1 Neutral Birds Calgary
A birding blog for the city of Calgary and southern Alberta, Canada
167 281.2 Birds
2 Neutral Bird Canada
A multi author blog dealing with birds and bird conservation across Canada.
36 110.4 Birds
3 Neutral Pacific NW Birder
A blog about birds and birding in the US Pacific NW.
37 82.9 Birds
4 Neutral Costa Rica Living and Birding
Perspectives and information about birding in Costa Rica.
29 80.8 Birds
5 Neutral NJ Bird Photos: Birds of New Jersey
Info & pictures of common New Jersey birds
43 77.9 Birds
6 Neutral Birdingblogs.com
Fabulous bloggers - and Me!
31 62.2 Birds
7 Neutral Birding For Pleasure
I love nature, birds in particular and combine it with my second love, photography and hope to share my experiences with others.
35 57.3 Birds
8 Neutral Aves bonaerenses
Birds from Buenos Aires province, Argentina. Aves de la provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
13 57 Birds
9 Neutral A DC Birding Blog
Bird news, birding reports, and essays on the natural world, with a focus on New Jersey and Washington, DC.
40 56.1 Birds
10 Neutral Bourbon, Bastands and Birds
The strange and terrible saga of a young birdwatcher as he travels the country in search of The Next Bird and the American Dream.
26 55.6 Birds
11 Neutral Birding in Maine
A photoblog devoted to birding in Maine, and other places in the US, sharing our stories, lists and adventures.
25 54.8 Birds
12 Neutral World Bird Sanctuary
Videos of nesting boxes and chicks from our raptor propagation department. Non-profit organization for the conservation of birds and habitat.
49 54.7 Birds
13 Neutral Fair Isle
stories & photos of my "Wild Life" on Fair Isle, Shetland, Scotland, the most remote ihabited Island in the UK. Rare Birds!
17 53.1 Birds
14 Neutral The City Birder
My Red-tailed Hawks and other wildlife observations from around Brooklyn and NYC.
22 50.6 Birds
15 Neutral San Diego Birding
Welcome to America's birdiest county! 500+ species and counting. Local rarities, near endemics, and more. Birding California and beyond with Gary Nunn.
14 44 Birds
16 Neutral Wild Birds Unlimited Blog
With the successful luring of a Barred Owl couple to set up house-keeping in my camera-equipped backyard box, an 11 year project, I finally decided it was time to start my own blog. I’ll start blogging about this barred owl family, but won’t stop here. I’
1 43.5 Birds
17 Neutral Birdchaser
Celebrating the art, science, sport, and mystery of living with birds.
14 36.2 Birds
18 Neutral The Nightjar
The tales of an Upstate NY Birder
13 33.8 Birds
19 Neutral Bird Calls and Songs
Recordings and sonagrams of the bird sounds of eastern North America and beyond.
13 32.3 Birds
20 Neutral ABA Blog
A multi-authored blog from the American Birding Association with a focus on all things birding.
12 32.1 Birds
21 Neutral AussieBirdLife - Discovering Australian Birds
My blog about discovering the birds of Australia. Parrots, emus, penguins - it's all new to me, so I set about finding out more.
31 30.5 Birds
22 Neutral Texas Tweeties
A blog about, birds,wildlife, and photography.
6 29.8 Birds
23 Neutral Bill of the Birds
My name is Bill and I am a bird watcher.
18 29.7 Birds
24 Neutral Christian Artuso: Birds, Wildlife
photo-filled accounts about birds, birding, wildlife, biogeography, conservation, ecology, evolution and animal behaviour
8 27.2 Birds
25 Neutral northern rustic
Mark James Pearson's global adventures in Birdland
18 25.3 Birds
26 Neutral mocosoco Birds
Birding in Morris and Somerset Counties, New Jersey
11 24 Birds
27 Neutral My Birding Photos
Birding photos from the Chesapeake Bay area.
10 23.6 Birds
28 Neutral Avian Explorer
A blog about birding in Utah, Northern California and many vacation spots including Arizona, Costa Rica and the East Coast.
12 22.8 Birds
29 Neutral My Purple Martin Blog
The daily comings and goings of a Purple Martin Colony in South Florida.
5 22.1 Birds
30 Neutral Babsje Heron  |  Great Blue Herons: A Study in Patience and Grace
Original photographs and writings exploring the beauty of great blue herons in the Charles River Watershed of Massachusetts.
15 22 Birds
31 Neutral A Jones The Early Birder
My blog on birds, birding and bird photography. From the North West of England and wherever I may roam.
5 21.4 Birds
32 Neutral Lost in Birding
Birding notes on the road: a blog of my travels around the world as a professional bird guide for Tropical Birding.
6 21.2 Birds
33 Neutral World Birdwatching
6 20.6 Birds
34 Neutral Birding New Jersey!
Birds, birding, and birders, in New Jersey and around the world.
7 20.6 Birds
35 Neutral SEANET Blog
Blog devoted to seabirds' role in marine ecosystems and the coastal environment of the eastern seaboard of the US generally.
5 18.6 Birds
36 Neutral Rosyfinch Ramblings
Virtual New Mexican, winters in Florida and migrates annually to Illinois, remembers growing up, birding and practicing in New Jersey, finds birds and beauty close to home.
4 18.1 Birds
37 Neutral 10,000 Birds
Enjoy birding, nature, conservation, and commentary from the world's favorite birding blog!
18 17.7 Birds
38 Neutral Owls about that then!
An occsioal post or photo about my quest to locate the local little owls.
5 17.1 Birds
39 Neutral St Margaret's at Cliffe Photo Diary
Birds and other wildlife around St Margaret's at Cliffe in Kent UK, plus occasional trips afar.
7 16.6 Birds
40 Neutral Aves del Plata Birding
​Enjoy this Argentine birding blog focused in behavior, birds sounds, conservation, education, outings, by the Birding guide of the Ecological Reserve Costanera Sur at Buenos Aires city. --
15 16 Birds