Rank Blog Today Average Category
1 Neutral Wild Birds Unlimited Mid-Michigan
Backyard birdwatcher observes birds and nature in mid-Michigan yards.
972 969.9 Backyard
2 Neutral Ecosystem Gardening
Protecting wildlife by creating welcoming habitats for birds, butterflies, pollinators, frogs and toads, mammals and other wildlife in our gardens
813 732.1 Backyard
3 Neutral Beautiful Wildlife Garden
Showcasing the beauty and wonder of nature to be found in the wildlife garden, written by a team of wildlife gardeners from around the country.
661 645 Backyard
4 Neutral Monarch Butterfly Garden
Growing Milkweed Plants for Pollinators and Raising Monarch Butterflies
439 328.9 Backyard
5 Neutral AnneTannes Tuin
a blog (mostly in Dutch, sometimes with an English translation) focusing on native plants, wildlife and biodiversity in an ecological garden in Belgium.
401 297 Backyard
6 Neutral Curbstone Valley Farm
Tiny organic farm surrounded by natural woodland, striving to preserve the native plants, and animals that were here before us.
216 211.7 Backyard
7 Neutral Great Stems
An Austin wildlife gardener shares her adventures as she creates a native habitat and wildlife haven from her once empty yard.
185 173.9 Backyard
8 Neutral Georgia Backyard Nature
Nature around a surburban Atlanta lake
121 122.3 Backyard
9 Neutral Blue Jay Barrens
Management activities at a private preserve in Southern Ohio featuring prairie, barren and woodland communities and rare flora and fauna.
111 107.3 Backyard
10 Neutral The Squirrel Nutwork
Four squirrels share news about native plants and wildlife in their suburban backyard habitat in Reston, Virginia
77 85.8 Backyard
11 Neutral Piedmont Gardener
A holistic account of my gardening environment on five acres in the Piedmont of NC.
96 76.5 Backyard
12 Neutral Town Mouse and Country Mouse
Two bloggers write about gardening and nature in the coastal hills and suburbs of central California.
71 70.3 Backyard
13 Neutral Montana Wildlife Gardener
Journal of our native plant/ wildlife garden in Missoula, MT
66 57.4 Backyard
14 Neutral Reflections from Bon Bon Pond
Fun, informative and often inspirational blog created to give "voice" to the flora and fauna that inhabit the area surrounding Bon Bon Pond and the greater Pine Point Park ecosystem of Stillwater, MN.
101 47.9 Backyard
15 Neutral Growing Days
Devoted to nature, gardening, urban farming, and heirloom plants, my mission is to teach kids to love nature.
59 47.6 Backyard
16 Neutral shirls gardenwatch
A Scottish gardenwatch diary following garden birds, wildlife and plants. Includes video from Nestbox camera, hedgehog visits and nature reserves.
44 43.5 Backyard
17 Neutral My Florida Backyard
An online journal of our quest to make a tiny piece of Florida suburbia into a wildlife-friendly oasis.
43 41.6 Backyard
18 Neutral Gardening Naturally with Claudia
Plants, design, and organic methods from a home gardener in the Midwest, Zone 5b.
37 31.6 Backyard
19 Neutral This Grandmother's Garden
In the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, USA, we nurture gardens we've designed and created, finding joy and wonder for the little creatures that call our gardens home.
33 31.6 Backyard
20 Neutral Fidalgo Island Crossings
Living in the weather on Fidalgo Island, Washington, a blog about nature in the Pacific Northwest USA.
32 31.4 Backyard
21 Neutral Everything is Permuted
Ramblings of an urban fox and other Sussex wildlife.
37 30.2 Backyard
22 Neutral Bird Crane Lake
A day in the life of a Birding fanatic at Crane Lake, Minnesota. We are located at the southern edge of the Voyageurs National Park and the western side of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW)
25 27.5 Backyard
23 Neutral The Sage Butterfly
The Sage Butterfly blog is a creative reflection of the beauty and wisdom of nature.
20 26.2 Backyard
24 Neutral diary of a suburban gardener
Making a suburban wildlife-friendly garden that doesn’t need watering and exploring the meanings of nature and our relationship with it.
26 24.2 Backyard
25 Neutral Pacific Northwest Nature for Families
An unschooling family with four children enjoying nature in the Pacific Northwest.
21 21.7 Backyard
26 Neutral Rambling Woods~The Road Less Traveled
The wildlife (birds, mammals,reptiles, amphibians and insects) that inhabit our pond and wetland woods in Western New York State
20 21.6 Backyard
27 Neutral What's In My Yard
Ongoing blog about nature, and signs of nature, found in our midwest suburban yard
21 20.8 Backyard
28 Neutral Gardening Zone 3b
An exploration of naturalistic gardening in Edmonton, Alberta. Gardening for the appreciation and encouragement of nature's diversity.
24 17.7 Backyard
29 Neutral Carnet naturaliste
La faune et la flore d'un jardin qui n'a pas de frontières. Fauna and flora of a borderless garden.
26 17.7 Backyard
30 Neutral Backyard Bee Hive Blog
Beginning beekeeping with a Top Bar Hive and a Warré Hive, in my Backyard in Colorado.
16 16.9 Backyard
31 Neutral Nature in a Nutshell
Welcome to my blog, and please read along about my adventures in the natural world! I've been writing about my studies, my hobbies, my travels, and my casual observations of the fishy, furry, and creepy crawly since 2011. I invite you to "follow" this blo
21 15.4 Backyard
32 Neutral Linden L.A.N.D. Group
Rebecca Lindenmeyr is an ecologist, landscape designer, organic farmer and writer living on the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont. Her company, Linden L.A.N.D. Group – Landscape-Agriculture-Natural Design is a leader in sustainable landscape design a
10 13.5 Backyard
33 Neutral We didn't come here for the grass
A blog on my journey in gardening, travel, life, love and the pursuit of happiness!
12 12.3 Backyard
34 Neutral Backyard Critter Watch
Amateur naturalists discuss the flora and fauna of the San Francisco Bay Area.
11 11 Backyard
35 Neutral Sluggin' Along
As an amateur photographer and zoologist, I'm chronicling the fauna of my backyard in SC from a creationist perspective.
8 11 Backyard
36 Neutral Northwood Park
Daily (or near daily) picture blog of sites and discoveries at Northwood Park in New Hope, MN.
11 9.9 Backyard
37 Neutral The Beekeepers Digest
Sharing my beekeeping adventure with others of like mind.
7 9.4 Backyard
38 Neutral ForestOfDreams/ForestWalkArt
the Flora & Fauna of (mostly) Florida...fungi and critters big & small. my thoughts, pictures & art
13 9.3 Backyard
39 Neutral Wild Fidalgo
Watching wildlife on and around Fidalgo Island, Washington USA.
12 8.9 Backyard
40 Neutral Palmer Lake Park Nature Blog
Once you learn what to look for, you are more likely to find it.
5 8.7 Backyard