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1 Neutral Ecosystem Gardening
Protecting wildlife by creating welcoming habitats for birds, butterflies, pollinators, frogs and toads, mammals and other wildlife in our gardens
159 238.9 Backyard
2 Neutral Georgia Backyard Nature
Nature around a surburban Atlanta lake
108 139.2 Backyard
3 Neutral The Squirrel Nutwork
Four squirrels share news about native plants and wildlife in their suburban backyard habitat in Reston, Virginia
70 100.5 Backyard
4 Neutral Town Mouse and Country Mouse
Two bloggers write about gardening and nature in the coastal hills and suburbs of central California.
41 51.3 Backyard
5 Neutral My Florida Backyard
An online journal of our quest to make a tiny piece of Florida suburbia into a wildlife-friendly oasis.
30 29.5 Backyard
6 Neutral shirls gardenwatch
A Scottish gardenwatch diary following garden birds, wildlife and plants. Includes video from Nestbox camera, hedgehog visits and nature reserves.
20 28 Backyard
7 Neutral Reflections from Bon Bon Pond
Fun, informative and often inspirational blog created to give "voice" to the flora and fauna that inhabit the area surrounding Bon Bon Pond and the greater Pine Point Park ecosystem of Stillwater, MN.
35 24 Backyard
8 Neutral What's In My Yard
Ongoing blog about nature, and signs of nature, found in our midwest suburban yard
22 23 Backyard
9 Neutral Growing Days
Devoted to nature, gardening, urban farming, and heirloom plants, my mission is to teach kids to love nature.
15 22.3 Backyard
10 Neutral Green Acorns
Connecting children to nature through playful experiences.
13 19.8 Backyard
11 Neutral Pacific Northwest Nature for Families
An unschooling family with four children enjoying nature in the Pacific Northwest.
11 16.4 Backyard
12 Neutral Great Stems
An Austin wildlife gardener shares her adventures as she creates a native habitat and wildlife haven from her once empty yard.
13 16 Backyard
13 Neutral The Sage Butterfly
The Sage Butterfly blog is a creative reflection of the beauty and wisdom of nature.
18 14.7 Backyard
14 Neutral Everything is Permuted
Ramblings of an urban fox and other Sussex wildlife.
9 12.8 Backyard
15 Neutral The Beekeepers Digest
Sharing my beekeeping adventure with others of like mind.
4 12.4 Backyard
16 Neutral Linden L.A.N.D. Group
Rebecca Lindenmeyr is an ecologist, landscape designer, organic farmer and writer living on the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont. Her company, Linden L.A.N.D. Group – Landscape-Agriculture-Natural Design is a leader in sustainable landscape design a
10 11.5 Backyard
17 Neutral ForestOfDreams/ForestWalkArt
the Flora & Fauna of (mostly) Florida...fungi and critters big & small. my thoughts, pictures & art
15 6.5 Backyard
18 Neutral Nature in a Nutshell
Welcome to my blog, and please read along about my adventures in the natural world! I've been writing about my studies, my hobbies, my travels, and my casual observations of the fishy, furry, and creepy crawly since 2011. I invite you to "follow" this blo
5 6.3 Backyard
19 Neutral Backyard Critter Watch
Amateur naturalists discuss the flora and fauna of the San Francisco Bay Area.
6 5.7 Backyard
20 Neutral Wild Things
Taking a closer look at the natural world close to home.
2 5.6 Backyard
21 Neutral Gardening with Binoculars
Adventures in a wildlife garden, and the native plants, birds, butterflies, and bugs we love! Nature stories from the border of the Missouri Ozarks.
2 5.6 Backyard
22 Neutral Wild Nottingham
A blog promoting and celebrating contact with nature in and around Nottingham, England.
3 5.5 Backyard
23 Neutral Mary's View
A photographic journal in North Carolina includes humorous or serious thoughts on backyard birding, pond keeping, and nature in general.
6 5.1 Backyard
24 Neutral Northwood Park
Daily (or near daily) picture blog of sites and discoveries at Northwood Park in New Hope, MN.
1 5.1 Backyard
25 Neutral Pollinator Link - birds, butterflies and bees in backyards
Pollinator Link gardens will create wildlife corridors between island habitats within the urban matrix of houses, buildings and roads.
1 4.7 Backyard
26 Neutral Wisconsin Nature at Home
Native Plants and Wildflower landscaping for wildlife and birds in Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest.
2 4.3 Backyard
27 Neutral The Violet Fern
Transforming my little slice of the world from a typical patch of lawn into a garden teeming with life, diversity, food, and habitat has become my mission.
0 3.9 Backyard
28 Neutral Sluggin' Along
As an amateur photographer and zoologist, I'm chronicling the fauna of my backyard in SC from a creationist perspective.
6 3.6 Backyard
29 Neutral Gardening for Nature
Thoughts and images for bringing nature and wildlife into our gardens and lives
4 3.2 Backyard
30 Neutral Arroyo Colorado Riverblog
Nature-watching and birding on the banks of the Arroyo Colorado River in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas
0 3.2 Backyard
31 Neutral Tim's Backyard in Wilmington, NC
All the Nature that can fit in a half-acre of Suburbia: birds, bugs, plants and butterflies
5 3 Backyard
32 Neutral Beetlebirdhare
Photographs and art inspired mostly by our immediate surroundings.
3 2.8 Backyard
33 Neutral Inspired by Nature Life
Bugs, birds, trees, hikes with kids, nature lessons, painting, gardening, and photography are shared with with you.
0 2 Backyard
34 Neutral NanciWorld
Sharing my love of Nature, our planet, my gardens/garden art and anything else interesting in my little corner of the world
1 1.7 Backyard
35 Neutral Cerrascapes
Appreciating nature through gardening, traveling, photography, and writing in the context of sustainable design.
4 1.7 Backyard
36 Neutral A Suburban Wilderness
A suburban wildlife habitat, where the sidewalk ends and nature begins. From foxes to flycatchers to fritillaries, we have it all.
1 1.6 Backyard
37 Neutral on a hays county hill
Observations on nature and life in the Texas Hill Country.
1 1.3 Backyard
38 Neutral The Tangled Wood
A report of encounters with nature as a tangled patch of woodland is restored in suburbia.
3 1.1 Backyard
39 Neutral Hagbourne Wildlife
Wildlife in an Oxfordshire village
1 1 Backyard
40 Neutral Pool to Pond
Turning conventional old home into eco-friendly wildlife habitat. Pool to pond, crap to compost, lifeless lawn to living landscape.
0 1 Backyard