Rank Blog Today Average Category
1 Neutral The Whale People
Blog about whales and dolphins to help save them from extinction
0 78.3 Academic
2 Neutral Catalogue of Organisms
The Catalogue of Organisms looks at the diversity of life on Earth, past or present, from spiders smaller than bacteria to ducks bigger than elephants. Multicellular bacteria, carnivorous fungi and foot-long protozoa also considered.
16 59.5 Academic
3 Neutral Inspiring Science
A blog about evolution and genetics, using stories about plants, insects, and bacteria to remind us that while humans are unique, we're not special.
15 35.7 Academic
4 Neutral Safari Ecology
African wildlife, African ecosystems, African ecology, African birds, Safari
11 30.6 Academic
5 Neutral Among The Stately Trees
A blog focused on teaching and research in ecology, biodiversity, and conservation. Emphasis on biodiversity conservation, field-based teaching and research, forest and wetland ecosystems, and historical ecology.
3 26.1 Academic
6 Neutral The Dispersal of Darwin
On Charles Darwin, Evolution, and the History of Science.
5 16.2 Academic
7 Neutral The Scorpion and the Frog
Rats giggle when they’re tickled and flatworms fence with their penises. Who knew? Explore the science behind animal behavior and see where we fit in this quirky world.
3 12.8 Academic
8 Neutral Seeds Aside
A botany blog about natural science, pollination biology from plants' perspective and other natural wonders' gossips...
1 11.7 Academic
9 Neutral Naturanaute
Natural wonders of Belgium from rare wildflowers to curious insects, hot topics in conservation biology, and much more!
2 10.5 Academic
10 Neutral Feral Thoughts
Feral animals and their impacts worldwide, but particularly in Australia. Thoughts from the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre's CEO, Tony Peacock.
5 9.9 Academic
11 Neutral AntyScience
Popular science blog, mostly focusing on the wonderful world of ants.
2 5.5 Academic
12 Neutral Zoonotica
Mainly discusses diseases that pass from animals to humans (and vice versa) especially focusing on microbial agents that cause them.
0 4.7 Academic
13 Neutral Microworlds
Invisible world of microscopic creatures, biology, microscopy, photomicrography and sometimes marine biology
1 4.6 Academic
14 Neutral Science & Soul
Come and visit to get a sampling of biology, bioengineering, ecology, and zoology. Add hiking, climbing, and kayaking for some kick. Top it off with a look at the cultural and sociological effects of scientific discoveries and you have Science and Soul.
0 4.4 Academic
15 Neutral Más Allá de Somosaguas (UCM) Beyond Somosaguas
It is focused on Natural and Earth Sciences, from Palaeobiology and Geology to Global Climatic Change and Evolution.
1 3.2 Academic
16 Neutral Birds and Science
A personal selection of web news around birds & Monthly comments on peer-reviewed papers with an interesting story to tell.
0 2.5 Academic
17 Neutral Ecographica
Topics include nature and the natural sciences with a focus towards the study of evolution, ecology & ethology.
0 1.6 Academic
18 Neutral Nature and Science
A blog about nature and the intersection of nature and our scientific endeavours to understand it all, mostly about plants
0 1 Academic
19 Neutral Birds of Nova Scotia Photography Blog
Bird Photography
0 0.5 Academic
20 Neutral All Animal Rights
Dedicated to educating on the rights of animals and all wildlife.
0 0.5 Academic
21 Neutral Kingdom Arrows
Homeschooling blog that focuses on Nature study and learning to draw with nature.
0 0.2 Academic
22 Neutral Greg Laden's Blog
Evolution, Life Sciences, Nature, Birds, African Mammals, Evolution, Conservation, and Stuff
0 0.1 Academic
23 Neutral Curious Meerkat
A general science blog with a focus on evolution and animal behaviour. Topics covering a broad range of topics including human evolution, robotics, conservation, animal behaviour, disease and genetics.
0 0.1 Academic
24 Neutral Africa - 2010
Recording two weeks driving & camping around Kenya's national parks followed by three months working in the Massai Mara.
0 0 Academic
25 Neutral Uncommon Ground
Reflections on academics, the environment, and biodiversity by a professor at the University of Connecticut
0 0 Academic
26 Neutral The Ethical Palaeontologist
This is a blog about science: how awesome it is, how misunderstood it is, how screwed over by policy-makers and politicians it is, and how if we could just make science education that little bit more effective we might all be happier.
0 0 Academic
27 Neutral BioDiverse Perspectives
We encourage critical thinking, promote interest in biodiversity research, and exchange ideas and discuss topics related to ecological diversity.
0 0 Academic
28 Neutral Mud Puddling
A photoblog on all things related to Butterflies, particularly those local to me in Sussex, England.
0 0 Academic
29 Neutral ArtPlantae Today
ArtPlantae Today is an educational blog specializing in botany and botanical art education. Its objective is to encourage an interest in plants and nature through illustration.
0 0 Academic
30 Neutral Perceptible Changes
Dispatches on the environment from a North American restoration ecologist. I strive to highlight developments and events in the art and science of ecological restoration, environmental policy and life as a biologist.
0 0 Academic
31 Neutral A J Dixon Wildlife & Nature
Birds and other wildlife from the North West of England.
0 0 Academic
32 Neutral Baldscientist
My blog is primarily about science, neurobiology, pharmacology and research, but I also talk about evolution, natural history, etc. I frequently talk about my experimental organism, planarians.
0 0 Academic
33 Neutral Rimba
0 0 Academic
34 Neutral Distributed Ecology
A blog to explore current ecological literature, trends and methods.
0 0 Academic
35 Neutral Birders for Life
Homeschooling bird blog that teaches about building habitats and how to birdwwatch and teach birdwatching.
0 0 Academic
36 Neutral As Many Exceptions As Rules
Exceptions to natural and biological rules as well as amazing stories of adaptation and diversity are used to illustrate and reinforce the core concepts of biology.
0 0 Academic
37 Neutral Environmentally Scientific Emblogulations
Discussion of urban ecological issues, urban nature, and assorted human-nature interactions.
0 0 Academic
38 Neutral Square Footer
A New Zealand blog about mallard ducks, barbary doves, monarch caterpillars, monarch butterflies, trees, plants, flowers, gardening and more.
0 0 Academic
39 Neutral trees-plants-on-festivals-in-india
our initiative to inculcate plant care habits among children .
0 0 Academic
40 Neutral pimapen
0 0 Academic