Welcome to the community for every species of bird blog, bug blog, plant blog, marine blog, and nature blog under the sun! Joining our network is an ideal way to reach new readers interested in exactly what you have to offer. We'd love to have you on the list as long as you meet these three conditions:

    1. Your site must be a BLOG. If your web presence manifests as a log of reverse-chronologically ordered posts, you're in business. If you're not sure if you have a blog, you probably don't...

    2. Your blog should focus on the discussion of NATURE or some aspect thereof. You need not write exclusively about any single aspect of nature or restrict yourself solely to that topic at all. The other blogs on this list usually don't. However, were your site to be described in just a few words, one of those words should reflect its status as a nature blog. This means that sites that would more logically be classified as SCIENCE, GARDENING, or GREEN blogs don't necessarily fit this network.

    3. Your blog should celebrate wild, unfettered, living nature. This means that blogs devoted to topics such as HUNTING, FISHING, TAXIDERMY, or PETS don't fit the profile of this community.

If you're still interested, please fill out the form below. Once your site is approved, you'll receive the html code to install on your site. Installing this code on your site will allow us to track your site activity in order to rank your blog on the toplist. If you install the code correctly, a site badge will appear identifying your site as part of the Nature Blog Network. Welcome aboard!


What color is a male Northern Cardinal? (use all caps)

IMPORTANT: New members have TWO WEEKS from the date of acceptance to install this tracking code. Members that do not install the code will be removed from the network. Also, once you install the code, contact us with your city and state, province, or country so we can add your blog to the NBN map!