Why Backlinks Matter

We all know (we do, right?) that inbound links, better known as backlinks are essential to your blog’s popularity. But why?

A backlink is simply a link from another website to yours. Such links are a cornerstone of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The number of backlinks a blog or site has translates to authority with search engines. All search engines, especially the big kahuna to which we all must offer tribute, Google, include backlinks in their algorithms. They give greater credence to sites with a larger number of quality backlinks which translates to more relevant in a search query, and consequently more search engine traffic.

Not all backlinks are created equal.

  • Thanks to the contrivances of scammers, sploggers, and link farmers, it’s not enough to just have a high number of inbound links. Links are judged by quality.
  • Search engines assess the quality of a backlink by evaluating the content and authority of the linking site.
  • The greater the relevance of the content of the linking site to the content on your site, the greater the value of the backlink. Backlinks to your botany site from knitting sites are not relevant as backlinks from flora and gardening sites. The latter links are of a higher quality.
  • Authority also plays a role. Backlinks from sites which themselves have a high number of quality backlinks are worth much more than links from sites with less authority.
  • Google PageRank depends in part on the number of backlinks a site receives but also the relevance and authority of those links. PageRank factors into the Google algorithm which influences how much Google search traffic a site receives.
  • Relevant search engine traffic is a key (and FREE) source of new readers and subscribers. Visitors from search engines are also more likely to click on ads than either regular readers or visitors from social bookmarking sites.

if you’re looking for more readers who want to read exactly what you’re writing, then it’s easy to see why backlinks from relevant, high-authority sites matter. This also explains why blog carnivals matter! Get it?


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    I would also add that the PLACEMENT of the ad on the page has quite a bit of significance, as well. Never get backlinks from the sidebars or the footer. You should be looking for backlinks from relevant industries and IN-CONTEXT of copy that is similar to your industry/target audience. Lastly, getting backlinks from trusted domains – such as high PR, edu and gov links is recommended.

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    Good article, backlinks building is not easy to do

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    i’m new to all this,my blog is a work of love, a love of nature and beautiful things, I’d like to share it with people who appreciate the things i like.
    i’d like to meet some people and share ‘following’ with followers, make it an interactive process etc
    it’d be nice to have other people’s views besides just my own, share information etc.
    I love the anecdotes re natural history.

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    Indeed, there is no question to the importance of backlinks towards seo and SERPs. Google in particular, judges backlinks through their relevance and quality. There’s one thing I’d like to ask though, what exactly is blog carnivals and how do you find/join them? Thanks!

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