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Copyright and Plagiarism

Stealing is wrong but unfortunately some people on the Internet just don’t seem to understand this when it applies to the intellectual property of a blog post.  Most of us don’t mind small excerpts  of our posts on other blogs with a link back to the original blog post but how many of you have [...]

Has the RSS Reader Been Replaced?

Web Worker Daily (we’re all web workers now, aren’t we?) ran a recent post asking Is Twitter Replacing the RSS Reader? This is a good question for a number of reasons, the first being that many members of the Nature Blog Network are presumably still getting their heads around subscriptions, syndication, and feed readers.  But [...]

Why and How to Use Google Reader

If you only read one or two blogs, it’s easy to visit them regularly to check for new posts. If they are blogs that post once and only once a day, that undoubtedly works well.  However, most of us find more and more blogs we like and want to read. Some publish once a day, [...]