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Nature Blog Networking: Reader’s Choice requests!

My idea at the end of last weeks networking post didn’t get a lot of submissions, and maybe that’s my fault for putting it at the end of a long and unrelated post.  This is something that deserves a little air and definitely it’s own appeal. In case you missed it, I’m looking for your [...]

Nature Blog Networking: A young people’s game

Much has been made of the fact that young people seem to be less interested in nature than generations preceding them.  The Last Child in the Woods phenomena has induced books, programs, and no small amount of hand-wringing among conservationists and naturalists worried about what this seeming disinterest will mean for wild places in the [...]

Nature Blog Networking: A reprieve?

Due to complications surrounding caring for a stuffy-nosed child (something that doesn’t really affect you all), I wasn’t able to put together the networking post for this week (something that does!). What does than mean for you?  Well, you get an extra week to send me blogs written by college and high school age NBN [...]

Nature Blog Networking: Isthmus Madness

We all know that the opportunity for great nature observation lies as close as our own backdoor or local patch.  And each and every one of us has a passion for our own little corners of the world that motivates us to continue sharing on our own little corners of the world web.   But [...]

Nature Blog Networking: More than the Big Apple

If I were New Yorker, especially if I were one of those folks who live in the other 98% of the states not swamped by what is arguably the most influential city in the world, I imagine I might get a bit of a chip on my shoulder when conversations inevitably turn to “So, where [...]

Nature Blog Networking: But wait, there’s More-ida

If you haven’t yet come to the conclusion that Florida is a hotbed of online nature enthusiasts (not to be confused with online naturist enthusiasts which is an entirely unrelated part of the world wide web for which there is little, if any, overlap) then I hope these networking posts allow you to come away [...]

Nature Blog Networking: Floral-da

The state of Florida not only abounds with native plants, animals, fungi, and others, but somewhat bizarrely due to it’s neotropical connections and particularly the Miami area’s connection to the international species trade (both legal and illegal), it acts as in incubator for species from all over the world.  A lot of people have mixed [...]

Nature Blog Networking: Waterworld, Act 2

And now, the thrilling conclusion to part 1 of our series! Will our heros ever find land? Will they blog happily ever after? Will they continue to find wonder the world’s largest ecosystem and share that with a waiting nature blog audience? Find out…next… at the Nature Blog Network, after these important messages. Included in [...]

Nature Blog Networking: Waterworld

Hey, remember that ridiculously ambitious and overlong Kevin Costner vehicle, Waterworld?  In which the entire globe is covered by water as a result of global warming and humanity is thrown into a post-apocalyptic wasteland of floating cities beseiged by nouveau-pirates?  Well, this edition of Nature Blog Networking is just like that, ridiculously ambitious, overlong, and [...]

Nature Blog Networking: Back on Feb 16

Hi guys, due to extreme busy-ness on my part I’m holding off on a return look at Marine blogs till the 16th.   I know, I know, I can hear the sigh of disappointment from here, but I’ll be back in fairly short order once things calm down. What does this mean for you?  It means [...]