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Nature Blog Networking: Rocky Mountain High, North

When we talk about the Rocky Mountains, Colorado generally gets all the publicity.  Maybe that’s for good reason, after all some of the most dramatic parts of that range lie within its perfectly boxed borders and it does host the Rocky Mountain National Park.  If there’s a single state with a legitimate claim to the [...]

Nature Blog Networking: Rocky Mountain High, South

For high natural drama, you could do worse than the majestic Rocky Mountain range in western North America.  They’re not the oldest mountains on the continent, that honor goes to the oft forgotten Ozarks, and they’re not the highest either, the Alaska Range from which springs Denali reaches farther into the sky on average, but [...]

Nature Blog Networking: Carolina redux

I’ve been messing around looking for regions of North American that I’ve unfairly ignored in the Networking spotlight.  They undoubtedly exist but because they’re located in an area with limited blog coverage they simply haven’t jumped out at me.  The largest area that seems to be missing consists of the Rocky Mountain region, a spine [...]

Nature Blog Networking: Hiker’s Delight

Sorry if I didn’t get the second batch of hiking blogs out last week.  It’s amazing how a sick baby can just suck all your free time right out of the day… Anywho, The blogs in the NBN dealing with walking in the woods (or fields or beaches or deserts etc etc) were so prolific [...]

Nature Blog Networking: These boots are made for hiking

Back to wrap up the blogs for which walking around outside is it’s own reward.  To some extent we’re all hiking blogs (except for maybe the marine bloggers unless they’ve suddenly evolved the ability to walk on water), the outdoors is our collective muse and there’s no better way to enjoy it than under your [...]

Nature Blog Networking remix – Take a Hike!

There are tons of hiking blogs in the NBN, something I discovered when I took on the genre over a year ago.  In preparation of the updating of that list, here’s that old post so you can get in the mood.  And as always, if you’re a hiking blog in the NBN who was not [...]

Nature Blog Networking – Safari, So goody

There’s no continent that inspires dreams of unspoiled wild places like Africa.  While the truth of the matter may be somewhat more complicated than that, for all its issues the continent still boasts the world’s last functional megafauna ecosystem as well as the millions of smaller life forms that are less popularly known but no [...]

Nature Blog Networking – Subcontinental revisited

Since the time this Nature Blog Network endeavor was started back in 2008, the number of nature writers on the internet has exploded.  Whether or not that’s a function of the ease in which communication medium has spread around the world, or whether they were always there and the NBN have us a way to [...]

Nature Blog Networking: The Need for Conservation

Continuing on our theme from last week. If there was ever a better representation of the need for conservation, be it concerned with living things, ecosystems or energy, than the horrific current goings on in the Gulf of Mexico, I certainly haven’t seen it.  I suspect that many nature bloggers have been, like me, watching [...]

Nature Blog Networking: A Conservation Shift

So, I don’t want to say my theme idea of NBN member suggestions failed, but when only two people had sent me blogs they wanted to share I think it’s fair to say it never really caught fire in the way in which I intended.  Thanks, though, to those two of you who sent me [...]