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Good of the Order – Paying it Forward

Unless you’ve recently won a large lottery prize or cashed out a substantial investment portfolio that was heavily invested in Internet technologies just before the bust, you’ve no doubt noticed that things in the national economies of just about every country on the planet are not doing so well at the moment. This “downturn,” as [...]

Good of the Order – A Beloved Blog Goes Silent

It is with great sadness that I bring the news to the Nature Blog Network community of the temporary (it is hoped) silencing of Bug Girl’s Blog. To all those of us who were – and hope to one day be again – regular readers of this wonderful collection of entomological and social commentary, the [...]

Good of the Order – Correcting the Record

Last week in the Good of the Order, I posted the information about a charitable giving program out of the UK named The Big Give. I also indicated that a personal appeal from one of their staffers would be posted here. Well, not to get into the entire susage making process, but after a long [...]

Good of the Order – Give Big Through the Big Give

As the state of the general global economy continues to deteriorate, many, if not most, of us in the various areas of natural history and conservation have been becoming increasingly concerned about the ability for funding to be raised in support of our favorite causes in the months and perhaps even years to come. Which [...]

Good of the Order – Hanging Out with the Somewhat Cool Kids

Not so very long ago, one of our member bloggers described the Nature Blog Network as the place where “all the cool kids hang out.” Needless to say, the entire Nature Blog Network Blog team was overjoyed – not only because it was meant and accepted as a compliment, but more importantly because it was [...]

Good of the Order – New Site Launched

It seems that I have the distinct pleasure of citing my own blog in this edition of Good of the Order. After months of planning and work on the part of myself as well as the team at Green Tangerine Media, the new and wholly improved Born Again Bird Watcher site is fully up and running [...]

Nature Blogging at ScienceOnline09

At last weekend’s terrific ScienceOnline09 science blogging conference, two Nature Blog Network stalwarts Grrlscientist of Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted) and Kevin Zelnio of Deep-Sea News moderated a session on Nature Blogging. Alas, N8 and I missed this valuable session since we were out, um, chasing nature but that doesn’t mean the important dialogue [...]

Good of the Order – the Exotic and the Domestic

Tim of From the Faraway, Nearby has posted a series of superb posts, including a virtual album of photographs, resulting from his recent trip to the Peru’s Tambopata Nature Reserve in the Amazon in order to work with macaws as a volunteer for Earthwatch Institute. If you haven’t already seen these remarkable reflections of his [...]

Good of the Order – 2008 Xmas Tree Bird Count

While we know that many members of the Nature Blog Network either plan to participate in the 109th annual Christmas Bird Count (or in some cases have already done so – you eager beavers, you!), the Nature Blog Network Blog team thought you might like an opportunity to participate in another holiday bird count that [...]

Good of the Order

A couple of items to start off this week’s Good of the Order: On a happy note, kudos and anniversary wishes go out to Grant of The Birder’s Library upon that site’s second anniversary. Grant’s site is a great source for reviews of bird books from both North America and Europe. Keep up the good [...]