Sex Week at Deep Sea News

Our friends over at Deep Sea News are very excited (maybe too excited!) to introduce several experts in reproduction and reproductive ecology in celebration of Sex Week. They’ll be discussing their favorite topics: sponge clouds, barnacle penises, triggers of sex at vents, mussel love, sex when you have more than 4 arms, and much more. Sounds gripping, no?

As a bonus, other nature bloggers are invited to play along. Kevin Z seduces us with the promise of participation:

…we would like to know if the rest of the blogosphere is talking sweet nothings into the intert00bz. Drop us a line to let us know when you post something on reproduction, sex, sexual anatomy, reproductive ecology, embryology, larval biology, etc. this week. I’ll post updates from the blogosphere each day until Saturday when we close out the week.

So enjoy Sex Week at DSN!