Newest Blogs in the Network – 9th November 2011

Shh. I’ll be with you in a moment. Then I will welcome you to the Nature Blog Network! I have been tracking for a while and don’t want to lose them!

OK, we are a very friendly bunch of people here at NBN. Think of the knowledge you can gain from the other 2000+ members. And think of all the knowledge you can share! We welcome you, quietly, as we continue tracking!

(Whispering) Congratulations!


The World in Plain English - I’m a marine biology student on the Gold Coast, Australia. My writing features diving, photography, and an attempt at making scientific concepts simpler, fun, and entertaining.

Seabed Habitats – Welcome to Seabed Habitats- The newest blog about everything to do with marine habitats.The marine realm is such a dynamic system and is very much an “unexplored wilderness.”



On The Wing Photography – The photography of Mia McPherson; a northern Utah based bird, wildlife and nature photographer.

Spirit of Place – Jack V. Johnston Photography – Fine art landscape and nature photography – bringing nature’s simple beauty and serenity to daily life.


Natural History

Steve Ashton.Wildlife Photography – A wildlife photo diary/blog of my travels in East Kent.

The 3 Foragers - A family of 3 who forage wild food and fungi in New England.

A Celebration Of The Natural World - celebrates all aspects of the natural world in articles, photos and videos.


As Many Exceptions As Rules - This blog uses exceptions to natural and biological rules to increase engagement and reinforce core concepts in biology.



Diary Of A Wild Place – Artist, posting weekly blog and drawings from ‘A Wild Place’ in Norfolk, UK

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    Welcome to each of you ‘newbies’! There’s so much to read and view here. Take it all in and give some back! We love having you here!