Newest Blogs in the Network – 6th June 2012

Hello! I crept here all the way from the rainforest to welcome you to the Nature Blog Network. It was a grueling trip!

Oh! I’m sorry. I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Philomena, and I am a Monstera deliciosa. I am indigenous to southern Mexico all the way south to Columbia. But during my trip, I saw many like me on peoples’ patios. I am one of the prettier parts of nature <tee hee>!

I am here for the ‘Newbies’. Are those like babies? Well, what ever they are, they are being celebrated today on the #1 Nature Blog with  2041 members.


And to the Old Timers, be kind to these ‘Newbie Babies’!  They need love just like you used to – remember?


Fresh Water

River Ice Photo Blog - Photos featuring the weird and wonderful world of river ice. Also, photos of animals and river ice.


Gowri’s Nature Blog – I write stories, poems related to nature and wildlife.  I also blog about my wildlife trips and share my wildlife photographs.


Forest Forwardis a wildlife photo blog located in the Northeast, chronicling nature in weekly photographic posts. Our focus is to share the beauty of our forests, wetlands, and wildlife to promote stewardship and conservation.


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    Hello and Welcome to our 3 newbies! You are so welcome here by all of us ‘oldies’! Make yourselves at home, and get involved! We all love nature here.

  2. June 7, 2012 at 1:25 AM | Permalink

    Thank you for the welcome!

  3. June 7, 2012 at 11:45 AM | Permalink

    :) Welcome everyone to Nature Blog Network.