Newest Blogs in the Network 4-22-2009

Another week, another 13 new additions to the Nature Blog Network. These are indeed good times for nature blogging. Welcome our new colleagues by visiting their blogs. Who knows… your next new favorite may be among them!

DaveA’s Birding Blog – A great reason to get outside.

Birds in Peru – Mostly photos of birds from Peru, but also some post from neighbouring countries.

Evolving Scenes – Sharing the Inspiration and Beauty of Our Evolving World through personal photographs and words of inspiration.

Outside In – Observations on natural occurrences around where I live (Eastern Massachusetts)

A Gentle Lens – the photoblog – My photoblog site has several nature pages including Daily Pick, Bird (B)log, Visual Haiku, and Letters to Nathaniel on Nana’s Corner.

DesertBlog – The blog of the Desert Protective Council, encouraging protection and appreciation of deserts, mainly in California.

Naturefinder – Exploring wildlife conservation and natural history observations from Midway Atoll to Suriname to Micronesia to Kenya.

The Adventures of Nature Lovin’ Super Mama – An eclectic blog covering everything from a state forest to motherhood with everything inbetween.

Bull of the Bog – Words and images mainly on birds, wildlife and the natural world from NW Norfolk and beyond.

Wild Observations – Collaborative wildlife observations.

5 Orange Potatoes – I am a nature loving mother of 2 girls. Nature inspires us in our everyday living, the things we do, eat, craft, learn and sew.

The Echinoblog – A blog that focuses exclusively on the biology, evolution, diversity and popular impact of echinoderms! Starfish, crinoids, brittle stars, sea urchins, blastozoans, etc.

Oceans 4Ever – Nine year-old and journalist mom blogging on all things oceans to get kids – and everyone – involved in loving them and protecting their future.

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  1. April 22, 2009 at 11:48 AM | Permalink

    Welcome aboard, all new Nature Blog Network bloggers! May you feel as warmly supported as I have been made to feel by the good folks here. I’m glad I joined, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same. Happy Earth Day!