Newest Blogs in the Network – 27th June 2012

Hello! Do you know me? I am the best friend your garden ever had. The children sing about me, “Lady Bug, Lady Bug, go so slow…” I have been asked to welcome the ‘Newbies’ to  Nature Blog Network

I am a loving predator for your flower garden and your vegetable gardens. I am beautiful, for sure;  but in the garden I am called ‘The Terminator’!

Did you know this is the #1 Nature Blog with  2078 members? What a privilege to be part of it! And how lucky that I was here this week – especially if you have gardens you love.


So, when you see me in your garden, don’t be alarmed! I am your friend and I will keep your beloved garden insect free! Congratulations, ‘Newbies’!



Qld Birder – Birds and the natural world in Queensland and Australia.


I’d Rather B Birdin’ – Photographing Birds Along the Texas Coastal Bend. Waterfowl, Backyard Birds, Birding Trails.



Fritillary – The colours and textures of nature and landscapes that I see as I walk or ride through the countryside.



Butterflies from Manitoba – Photographs,Videos,and Blog about butterflies in Manitoba.



Serenity Spell – Wild in Florida: Exploring and Protecting Our 2,000+ Natural Spaces, Threatened Ecosystems, Plant Species and Wildlife (and Much More).

Natural History

Seeing Through God’s Eyes – I use my blog mainly to post my bird and flower photographs.


Square Footer – A New Zealand blog about mallard ducks, barbary doves, monarch caterpillars, monarch butterflies, trees, plants, flowers, gardening and more.

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  1. June 27, 2012 at 11:31 AM | Permalink

    Whooee! A newbie for each day of the week! We are so happy to have all seven as members of our blog! Make yourself at home, put your feet up, and visit with the rest of us!