Newest Blogs in the Network -17th October 2012

Howdy! Who wants to two-step with me? If you can count to four, you can follow! Does Nature Blog Network have many dancers in the house? Surely, among 2217 members there is one lovely that’s itchin’ to dance?

All of you seem to be ‘nature freaks’ who love nature and love reading other members’ experiences, and trying to impress the others with your knowledge.

Let me show you what I know about dancin’!

Remember, ‘Left, right, left right, skip…’


251 Birds - 251 Birds is an effort to go birding in every town in Vermont. Lots of photography and other nature too!


Limestone Grove - Avocational discovery and recovery of an oak meadow in the Piedmont province of southeastern North America.


Backyard Universe - The Universe as seen from my backyard. Plants, Insects, Birds, Space – Nature… all around me.

Natural History

Earth Teach Me - Sharing my love of nature through essays and photograpy.

Homelandscapes - Cathy Bell looks at the natural history of the landscapes she calls home–national parks like Yellowstone and Badlands.

The Backpack Naturalist - An eclectic blog about my encounters with widlife at home and on our forthcoming nature tour of Central America.

Wild and Free Montana - Natural history notes and essays on Montana’s native animals and plants.

Denise Dahn’s Illustrated Nature Blog - An artist/writer’s illustrated blog, connecting you to nature with art, science and imagination


A Jones The Early Birder - My blog on birds, birding and bird photography. From the North West of England and wherever I may roam.


Shamanic Shifting Dreaming Drumming & Foolish Wondering - Circle around with the Cosmos…Learn from Nature to be a shamanic shift center anywhere!


Nature and Science - A blog about nature and the intersection of nature and our scientific endeavours to understand it all, mostly about plants.


The Eccentric Entomologist - In which a prospective entomologist describes his thoughts and memories of interactions with wildlife, usually insects.

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    Wow! 12 New Members! This is better than a dozen donuts! Welcome to each one of you. We’re glad to have you as fellow Blog Members!