Newest Blogs in the Network – 14th March 2012

Do you see ‘em? Come on! You’re the one with those power glasses. I am just a bird. Know what ‘Newbies’ look like? Not like birds, I would guess. But what do I know? I’m just a birdbrain.

Whoa! There are some weird-looking creatures up ahead! Those have to be Nature Blog Network ‘Newbies’!

Now it’s your turn to sing, Arthur! I’m all sung out. Welcome the ‘Newbies’ or we are in trouble!




We congratulate you for being accepted to our Network, and ask you to get involved! Read our blogs, comment on some, and we will return the gesture – all with music in our hearts!


Natural History

A Safari Guides Diary – Words and pictures from a nature guide in Southern Africa.

Texas Nature – All aspects a nature in Texas, from flora and fauna to scenic area, camping, hiking photography etc…

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    Welcome Africa and Texas! We are honored to have you in our Network! All of us hope to see you as you read our blogs and we read yours!