Newest Blogs in the Network – 13th June 2012

Hello! I flew here  to welcome you to the Nature Blog Network.  I heard there were ‘Newbies’ to be welcomed, and what better than a beautiful butterfly could be so welcoming?

I was lucky to find a ‘rental’ that was beautiful. I don’t allow visitors, however!

I hear this is the #1 Nature Blog with  2061 members, so I wanted to be part of it.


So, welcome to the Newbies! And congratulations for being accepted into this prestigious blog!


Natural History

Dig Deep – A blog about birds and birding in Malaysia (mostly).



Jennie’s Travelpartywildlifeconservation and fun blog – A fun nature and conservation blog that covers a wide range of topics, serving to educate the public on the wildlife and natural beauty that surrounds them.


Discovering Nature – Discovering Nature features photos, readings and observations from my family’s outdoor explorations.

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    Congratulations to the three “Newbie” blogs! We welcome you with open arms, and hope you will be comfortable about visiting some of the “Oldies” blogs!