Newest Blogs in the Network: 12th September 2012

‘Meow’! Any ‘Newbie’ of Nature Blog Network as cool as I am? If so, you can tweet me your pic. Just say you are now part of the 2199 member blog. I will know where you live.

All of you seem to be ‘nature freaks’ who love nature and love reading other members’ experiences, and viewing cool cats like Muaw!

It’s nice to make new friends as more are accepted into the blog network. Get to know each other!   You all have stories to tell and, if you’re lucky, you might even see  me around .


I must make the rounds, ‘Newbies’.


Children of the Three Suns – As a geographer, traveler, and a science fiction writer, I explore the interconnections between nature and society.

Art in Nature – Inspire, Uplift and Awaken a Sense of Wonder! I am a Naturalist, Teacher and Artist/Photographer these are my greatest passions. I teach art in nature classes to local school and this brings together my favorite things. I’m living my passion to create.



Bird photos from Farkas  Balázs (Hungary) – Bird, Photography, Hungary, Farkas, Balázs, Madár.

Aussie Bird Life – Discovering  Australian BirdsMy blog  about discovering the birds of Australia. Parrots, emus, penguins – it’s all new to me, so I set about finding out more.

Bird Photography in Northamptonshire and the UK - The endless pursuit of capturing wild birds in flight.



Inner Artist – Embracing my inner artist, I paint and draw the natural world (especially birds) whether traveling afar or close to home.



English Plants – Blog about wildflowers, wildlife gardening, native plants and wildlife.


Starting at the finish line – This blog is for amateur hikers only! Laptop backpacks and sneakers allowed, but no judgment. Enjoy!


Photography from the Back country – An occasional blog about the flowers and spines of the Arizona desert.

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  1. September 12, 2012 at 9:16 PM | Permalink

    Wow! Ten new members! Welcome! Welcome! We are proud to have you among us. Make the rounds, find blogs you like, and contribute! That’s what makes us a special ‘network’. :-D