Nature Blog Networking: Sunshiners

Quite possible the most popular state for nature blogging in this network is Florida, and that makes sense.  The state is a wonderland for wildlife, much of it big, flashy, and photogenic.  And as we’ve talked about many times at the NBNB, photos, even marginal ones, can add a lot to a blog.  To have the opportunity to step outside your door and find wading birds, alligators, and picturesque beaches and wetlands is an opportunity few of us have.  That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t experience the vicarious thrill through the words and pictures of some of the NBN’s fine Floridian folks.

Now in prior incarnations of Nature Blog Networking I’ve mentioned several other blogs from the Sunshine State.  I’ve left them out of this roll call in the interest of including those which haven’t had the spotlight yet, but you can find some of them in earlier posts.  I encourage you to check them out as well.

I hope you packed your swimsuit, we might have time for a dip after.

- From the fabulous Green Cay Nature Center (I’ve actually been to this one!) comes the Flying Mullet, the musings of Eva as she gets around South Florida and beyond.  As one who’s done some birding down there, it brings back some fond memories of good times and great birds.

- Pure Florida.  The name says it all, doesn’t it?  Join 10th generation Floridian Floridacracker as he explores the wilds of the state with his dog Bear.

- Beautiful photos of some particularly nice birds can be found at Morningjoy’s Weblog.  Apparently there’s a Tropical Kingbird hanging out down there these days?  My inner twitcher is chomping at the bit…

- I don’t think it can be said enough that Florida has wildlife and landscapes that make for some stunning photographic subjects, Virtua Gallery takes full advantage of all of them.

- Photos are nice and all, but there’s something to be said for the simple pencil sketch.  Art blogging is a genre that isn’t found on the NBN in big numbers.  Maybe because it’s easier to download photos than to upload sketches? Too bad then, because Pencil and Leaf is a great example of something I’d love to see more of.

- Chickens aren’t really nature, but their interaction with the natural world is blog-worthy.  Enjoy the trials and tribulations of one flock of poultry at Fowl Visions.  And in case you’re wondering about the nature aspect, there’s some cool stuff on the birds around there too.

-  If you’ve ever been to Florida you’ll know that the one species you find everywhere, in any habitat, is White Ibis.  For that reason, There’s an Ibis in my Backyard! is a pretty insightful, if not particularly unusual, statement.  Join in the adventures of a New jersey birder as she explores Florida, and she’s not the only one. Rosyfinch Ramblings also tells the tale of a New Jersey birder getting around the Sunshine State.

- In a state with so much water, it makes sense that paddling is a great way to get out.  The NBN hosts two great paddle blogs, The beautiful photos of Kayak Paddle Tales and Emory Mclaughlin Paddles give an insight to a different world away from most human impact, where the wildlife is very approachable.

- I love it when bird supply stores get on the web.  I think it’s a great way in interact with customers and introduce products.  Wild Birds Unlimited of Tallahassee does just that at the WBU Birding Blog.

- Water, both salt and fresh, is an essential element in Florida’s biodiversity.  Every aspect is determined by the health of Florida’s amazing watershed.  Learn about the often massive efforts to keep the freshwater healthy at The South Florida Watershed Journal and the saltwater clean at Waternotes.

- One of the most bizarre aspects of Floridian nature is the fact that the southern par of the state is covered in invasive exotics. Birds, reptiles, bugs, and plants from all over the world share space and diminishing resources with natives.  It’s kind of depressing, but I have to admit it’s kind of cool too, like the state is a giant experiemental terrarium.  Learn about efforts to eradicate the worst of them at Weed Warrior.


So the Sunshine State is a blogging paradise as well as the regular kind.  Hope you have time over the holiday to enjoy some of these blogs.

If I forgot any, and I’ll bet I did, let me have it in the comments…

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    Is Florida even a state, really? Don’t we just tell it that so it won’t feel bad?

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