Nature Blog Networking: Not birds. Anything but birds

I admit it.  I’m a birder.  I love ‘em, can’t get enough of ‘em. Close friends may say I even obsess over ‘em.  There’s not much I’d rather do than spend a day watching them, or traveling to a far-flung locale to get new ones.  Sure I love nature in general, but birds are the primary way that I interact with the natural world and the central theme of my blog, as well as the blogs of my colleagues here at the NBN.

And we’re not alone.  Browsing through the birds category on the toplist will take you to page after page of blogs by people with similar avian attitudes.  In fact, the bird category is second only to the general “ecosystem” tag when it comes to sheer numbers, and it’s easy to forget the other, perhaps less flashy, certainly less blogged, groups of living things that have sites exclusively devoted to them too.  That’s my goal here today.  To introduce some other blogs about other things.  This isn’t a birds only party, after all.  You’re all invited, but for today, we’ll make it exclusive to those with backbones…

We’ll start with mammals.

- Return to regular work got you grizzled?  Even bi-polar?  Bear-ly holding on?  Check out Il blog dell’Oso Bruno for your Ursine fix.  It’s originally in Italian, but translatable so it panda-rs to english speakers.  Tired of bad bear puns? You’d better move on, I’ve got a few more bruin…

- Primates are up there with bears when it comes to appeal, and the primates of the Indonesian archipelago are both varied and less well known than the African or South American varieties.  Monyet Daun Indonesia hopes to close that gap, written in both Indonesian and English.

- Speaking of African primates, fInd out what’s going on with efforts to monitor and protect Mountain Gorillas at SOS Gorilla, managed through the Barcelona Zoo.

-Staying in Africa, the land of impressive and abundant mammals, is the Mara Triangle blog, focusing on a part of the extensive and famous Masai Mara game reserve.  This blog has the sort of impressive photography you’d expect from one based in an African game reserve,

- Australia has some of the weirdest and most interesting mammals in the world, led by the marsupial clan.  Read up on them, as well as more general science topics at It’s Alive!

- Never let it be said that North America doesn’t have it’s share of impressive mammal populations.  Fortunately both A “focus” on the wild, a photography blog from Wyoming and Colorado Wildlife from, well, Colorado, are more than up to the task of documenting them.

- If you’ve clicked along with me so far, you’ll no doubt note that some charismatic mammals are subject to stories surrounding them.  Further screw with your ability to tell truth from fiction at The Writer’s Heart, where Chaz weaves tales with just that little bit of license afforded to the fine storyteller.


And now, a change of direction, from the furry to the scaly…

- Keeping with the theme of starting with non-english blogs, here’s Amfibios & Repteis from Portugal.  I trust you all can figure out what the title means.  I can’t read a lick of it, but the photos are pretty cool.

- The Ethical Paleotologist looks at mostly extinct reptilians, but if I had dinosaurs in my past, I’d have trouble keeping my mind in the present too.  The eight year old in me isn’t that far below the surface, I’m afraid.

- Listed as a herp blog, but in actuality about much much more, Stewed Thoughts hails from Australia.  if you thought Aussie mammals were weird, wait until you hear about the reptiles and amphibians.  I don’t know how any amateur naturalist gets anything done down there with so much cool stuff.

- In the fine tradition of Singaporean nature blogs comes SLOG, the Singapore Snake Blog.  For such a small and highly developed country, Singapore sure has a great natural tradition.

- It’s  not all about reptiles, amphibians deserve their due as well.  Frog Blog covers that beat with a really excellent site that covers amphibian related civic issues.  Frogs are a bellwether group, and especially sensitive to changes in their environment.  As go the frogs, so goes us?  Who knows, but it can’t hurt to get informed.


Vertebrate blogs are alive and well on the NBN, even if bird blogs overshadow many.  Grow a spine and check some of these out.