Nature Blog Networking: Nature in your Backyard

For most of us, the vast majority of interaction we have with the natural world comes from our very own backyard.  When trips further afield are impossible or unnecessary, our yard is there, to fulfill that need we all might have to enjoy nature from the comfort of our own domicile.  Be it a simple bird feeder or a carefully managed mini-ecosystem, we’re able to enjoy the wonders of nature with only a slight adjustment of scale.

While many blogs in the NBN draw content from what’s going on in their yard, a few make it their end-all be-all reason for blogging.  And so for the next couple weeks we’ll salute those erstwhile backyard bloggers by looking at our American contingent this week, with the rest of the wide world getting their turn next week.

photo from wikipedia

photo from wikipedia

So sit back on your favorite deck chair and enjoy these blogs from backyard across the country.


- When you backyard is the whole of New York City, like the Flatbush Gardener, there’s no telling what you’ll find, even if most of the wildlife happens to be people.

- From the other side of the country, Kathy at The Little World of a Drop of Water, enjoys parks and public spaces of central California.

- From my old stomping grounds comes Nature in the Ozarks, a view from a backyard in northern Arkansas.  Definitely some beautiful country there.

- Southeast Pennsylvania is home to Laura of Nurturing Nature who, beyond keeping an eye on her property, works at a bird rehabilitation center on the side.

- Few people know backyards like the proprietor of a backyard bird store. The Wild Birds Unlimited of Lansing has all the answers to your queries with regard to central Michigan’s birdlife.

- Ceclia of Wild Things definitely has an eye on the wild things of her New England backyard, and lovely photos to prove it.  Who knew fall was such a great time for herps?  Not me.

- The Land of Lincoln hosts Naomi, the self-proclaimed Nature Nerd.  As an environmental educator, she has an interest in getting kids involved in what lies outside their back door.

- We may be stretching the concept of backyard to the breaking point, but I don’t think anyone will be complaining about what you can find at the Back to the Land blog.  When your backyard is on the Olympic peninsula of Washington, you’ve got to show it off.

- Many people manage their yard for the greatest diversity of wildlife.  Gardening for Nature is on that beat from the Front Range of Colorado.

- Rambling Woods is based in New York, where you can find photos and quotes interspersed with life in a rural community.

- Riffing on twitter’s 140 character restriction, The Morning Porch takes a look from his porch every morning and goes from there.

- Just outside Steve’s back door lies Blue Jay Barrens, a habitat in southern Ohio that hosts a number of intriguing species.

- Seeking to spread the word on wildlife friendly backyard gardening practices, the New England Habitat Gardening Blog is a warehouse of information for the homebound nature lover.

- From down in my neck of the woods, Mary of Mary’s View is the consummate backyard nature blogger.  Great stories, great photos and loads of southern hospitality, cause that;s just how we do things down here in Carolina.


Enjoy these fine blogs, we’ll be back next week with those from the rest of the wide world!

Til then!


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    Hey, thanks for the link! One correction, though: I’m not looking out a window. My porch is fully open to the elements. (It also looks as if you need to fix the link for Mary’s view.)

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    Oops. Sorry Dave, I’ll fix!

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    Thanks so much for including my “Gardening for Nature” blog in your list of backyard bloggers! I am really fortunate to have lots of wildlife in my yard and gardens.


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    Thanks for the mention. Having a 40-acre back yard is a benefit.

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    Thank you for posting this great collection of backyard nature blogs.