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I come from a family of teachers.  Both my parents recently retired from over 50 combined years in the public school system, and my sister is currently starting her very first year as a science teacher.  How I avoided that fate is beyond me, there must be some aspect of their respective personalities that’s conducive to education that I lack, I’m thinking it’s likely patience.  In any case, I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for educators of all stripes, be they formally accredited by the appropriate state agency or someone who points something cool out to another person.

In a way, all of us nature bloggers are educators in some sense.  We certainly seek to entertain and inform on our blogs, and isn’t that the mission of an educator, though our classrooms are as wide as the word web.  But there’s a certain segment of bloggers, and indeed an even certainer set of nature bloggers for whom education is of paramount importance.  It’s to them, the self described education blogs, that we turn to today.  And with school starting up across the country, I figure there’s no better time.


- The Handbook of Nature Study sits atop the list of education blogs in the NBN, and for good reason, the home of the Outdoor Hour Challenge offers lots of cool stuff you can do with kids outside.

- I’ve already expounded on the wonders of the Spanish blogging scene, but next door neighbor Portugal has some gems as well, including Joias da Natureza, which I think means Joys of Nature but i could be wrong.  Don’t let the language barrier scare you, the photos here are great.

- It’s Alive! If by “it” you mean, science education in the Australia, where Micheal hosts a blog about ife biology, bioethics, science communication and related topics

- The natural world you rarely see is the tag line for faunascope, so go get yourself educated in what isn’t in the surface and check out some nest cams too, though that last bit might be tailing off these days.

- Africa is well-known for it’s phenomenal wildlife, and South African Photographs intends to present it to you in all it’s glory with special attention to those organisms in the small end of the scale which, it should be said, are nearly as spectacular as the big stuff.

- A place to share ideas and and interesting ways to learn about science, Mama Joules is a great place to for family science and nature education.  Getting kids outdoors is a big part, but focusing what they do when they’re out there is great too.

- Last, but not least, Danielle at Urban Science Adventures has a lot of great things to say about discovering nature in an urban setting.  Her blog is really great, and it’s from there I want to jump off to next week.


I need your help for this next one because it’s not a particularly intuitive category.  I’m looking for blogs primarily about nature in urban settings.  Cities are hives of human interaction, but for many of the residents, nature goes on unnoticed. I want blogs that notice it.

City Dwellers

If you write one, or know of a good one, drop me a line at naswick (at) gmail (dot) com.

Till next time!


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    from right in the middle of a city full of traffic, noise and pollution!!

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    -its in french though.

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    from right in the middle of a city full of traffic, noise and pollution!! —