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If you asked any random member of the NBN, they’d probably define themselves, first and foremost, as a conservationist.  After all, who is more aware of the role that the active conservation of natural places plays in our day to day lives than those who spend time there, and more, use those places as a impetus for creative expression?  Conservation issues undoubtedly are always in the back of our collective minds in a way they might not be for so many people.  But for an interpid few in the NBN, conservation is really more of a front of the mind thing, the raison d’être for their internet presence.  They take the long view, and we’re all better off for it.

Ever since my colleagues at the NBN upgraded the system to diversify the categories that blogs could label themselves as, the opportunity to discover new communities within the NBN has increased dramatically.  That’s the point, of course, to facilitate community involvement. and with such a great group of self-described conservation blogs to choose from, there’s more opportunity to get involved and informed about issues that affect every single one of us.

Sorry there’s no picture this time.  What would you choose to visually represent a concept as broad as conservation anyway?

- Being a naturalist means many things to many people, but one thing it nearly always means is getting up early.  Julie Crave’s excellent Coffee & Conservation touches on both out collective passions for nature and sweet lady caffeine.

- The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Great Britain’s premier organization for protecting birds, has a blog written by Mark Avery intending to keep members, and the community at large, appraised of RSPB’s conservation worth.  Worthy stuff, that.

- Consistantly one of the top blogs in the NBN, The Conservation Report is the place to go nearly all conservation an environmental related news items.  I’d say more, but given its traffic, you probably already know about it.

- A Texas grad student writes about birds and conservation issues from his home on the prairie at Adventures in Nature.

- The Nature Conservancy of Idaho makes its presence known in the blogpshere with Idaho Nature Notes, an excellent natural history resource for what is one of the most beautiful states in the US.

- Atagahi, written by fellow southerner Wally Smith, seeks to raise awareness of conservation issues in the South, an area with more human – wildlife interactions than any place in the nation according to the EPA and the FWS.  A environmental conscious is really needed down here, and Wally works hard to help it along.

- It doesn’t get more straight-forward than a Conservation Blog.  The minimal theme hides a multimedia juggernaut with a nice collection of conservation themed YouTube selections.

- There are few blogs in the NBN as appealing visually as JournOwl.  And as such it’s a really fun place to get your conservation and wildlife news, with a pretty cool origin story too.

- Future Earth writes about conservation on a smaller scale.  Lots of cool stuff about ants and flowers here, as well as book reviews and enough about Darwin to make any conservationist happy.

-75% of the Earth is ocean, so it seems odd that only one of the conservation blogs is about oceans (though that’s probably not fair to all the great marine blogs that are tireless advocates for ocean conservation, it is a self-applied label after all).  That said, Oh! For the love of Science would be a winner in either category, and it worth your time regardless of your interests.


Next up?  Let’s travel somewhere.  I’ve covered the blogs of the British Isles more or less thoroughly, but the European continent is largely uncharted as far as nature blogs go, so let’s chart it.

European Vacation

I want your mainland Euro nature blogs, so if you write one, or know of an excellent one in the NBN network, drop me a line at naswick (at) gmail (dot) com.  I look forward to seeing what you all come up with.

See you next week!

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    Thank N8 for this review of conservation-centric blogs. Conservation issues are near and dear to my heart, and we bloggers can raise awareness amongst ourselves and the masses.

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