Nature Blog Networking: A Conservation Shift

So, I don’t want to say my theme idea of NBN member suggestions failed, but when only two people had sent me blogs they wanted to share I think it’s fair to say it never really caught fire in the way in which I intended.  Thanks, though, to those two of you who sent me suggestions.  I’m not certain that at least two people read the Nature Blog Network Blog.  Small victories, I suppose.

I’ll keep at this recommendation thing, and if I reach critical mass I’ll put something together, but for now I’ll make a left turn and talk about another subset of the NBN, one that might have the biggest impact on nature itself when it’s all said and done.  Conservation Blogs.

When I last looked at the conservation tag there were only a few blogs that made it their modus opperandi.  That’s changed, and with the addition of several other blogs as well as a small bit of turnover generally, there’s a lot to see here that will make you confident in the direction of the conservation movement as a whole as well as the impact regular people have on an individual level.  There are so many crucial conservation issues on this planet that it can feel overwhelming at times (who am I kidding?  Too often I feel the urge to curl up in a little ball and cry).  It’s incredibly heartening to see so many individuals looking to make a difference, and thousands of small differences make a big difference.

There are so many great conservation blog anymore that I’ll have to split this into two week’s worth of posts.  This will be the first.

So without further ado…


- All About Wildlife aims to be your online source for information about the world’s wildlife with special emphasis on endangered species.  Sadly, this will likely prove to be an endless supply of material, but it is a trove on information.

- A fabulous photo blog from Wisconsin, The Occasional Naturalist is more than the occasional conservationist.

- A blog with the rather fascinating intention of applying evolutionary ecology in human dominated landscapes, Reconciliation Ecology is a project of the lab of the same name in Fresno, California.

- I’m not sure what language Amics de la Marjal de Massamagrell-Rafalell-Vistabella is in (Spanish-ish?) but the passion for the wildlife of southern Spain is clear.

- Also written in a non-english language (bit one more obviously Spanish) comes BiodiversityNews from Costa Rica, a nation that has done a lot to encourage a conservation ethos in all of Latin America.

- One of the most underrated, and therefore often forgotten, ecosystems in North America is the prairie, so it’s conservation is obviously crucial.  80 Acres Online is about one person’s quest for a little corner of it.

-With a billion people crammed into a sub-continent, conservation issue in India have an urgency found few other places.  India’s Endangered covers much of the unique life of central Asia.

- Green Bites is based in Australia, where there are some pretty amazing things that need conservation.  Fortunately, Barbara’s camera is trained on the weird and wild.

- The work of individual landowners attempting to protect and encourage biodiversity on the land they own should never be discounted.  Folks like branch office at Fraoch Woodland in Scotland are conservationists in the truest sense of the word.

- The same can be said of Henry Johnson and his attempt to restore an Orchard in Gloucestershire as chronicled in the appropriately named Restoring traditional orchards in Gloucestershire.

- Some go further than just conserving what’s left, but involve themselves in the active reintroduction of what was lost.  Follow along on the incredible dream to bring back free flying Great Bustards to Great Britain at the Great Bustard Blog.


Can you believe this is only half of the amazing conservation blogs in the NBN.  The work these people are doing is amazing.  Check them out!  We’ll do the rest next time.

Til next week!

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