Nature Blog Networking: Rocky Mountain High, South

For high natural drama, you could do worse than the majestic Rocky Mountain range in western North America.  They’re not the oldest mountains on the continent, that honor goes to the oft forgotten Ozarks, and they’re not the highest either, the Alaska Range from which springs Denali reaches farther into the sky on average, but for many in the United States and Canada these are the mountains.  The ones that wrecked many a westward wagon train.  The ones John Denver was so fond of.  The ones that rise like a mirage from a broad western Kansas horizon.

Wind River Range, Wyoming, photo from wikipedia

Running from New Mexico north into western Canada, the Rocky Mountains take up a lot of space both horizontally and vertically, so bloggers that cover that beat have interests as broad as the Rockies themselves.  Fortunately, there’s no shortage of wonderful natural themes to focus on, and when in doubt, you can always turn the camera towards the mountains and click away.

Because there were so many, and wanting to give all of them their due without overwhelming the reader, I’ve split the blogs into tow groups.  The first, covering blogs from the southern Rockies and the states of Colorado and Utah, start here.


- Live and Learn Granny lives at 10,000 feet in Colorado’s Front Range.  She places a strong emphasis on her ongoing and life-long learning experiences.  Seems as though we could all learn a bit from her!

- Beverly of Rural Chatter makes her home in Colorado too, this time in the southern part of the state, where she gardens and enjoys a fantastic variety of birds in her yard.

-  Dogs, environmental news, nature and culture all meet at Southern Rockies Nature Blog, a fascinating site from southern Colorado.

- Naturalist, historian and writer S.L. White can be found at Foothills Fancies, and I have to say, if we’re calling the Front Range foothills these days I need to readjust my perspective a bit.

- Connie Kogler of Birds O’ the Morning is a well-known member of the bird blogosphere.  Her Loveland, Colorado, garden is her muse, a wonderland of some of the nicest birds the western US has to offer.

- Cabin Journal is the blog of Boulder area writer and editor Kathy Kaiser, who decided to move to a cabin in the Colorado mountains to live the good life.  We’re fortunate she splurged for internet access there.

- A straight shot west from Colorado and you’ll come to the Great Basin and the state of Utah, and a more photogenic place in North America there may not be.  The Utah Photography Blog is a great place to start.

- When Watcher of Watching the World Wake Up turned 40, he decided to start spending time indulging his passion for biology and botany.  We’re lucky he decided to add writing about it to that full list as well so we can enjoy Utah through his eyes.

- I don’t know about you, but I love hearing about the regular backyard birds of other parts of the world.  It’s amazing that birds that I find so desirable can be a regular as anything at someone else’s feeder. Backyard Birds Utah fills that jones nicely.

- Kevin at Nature Visions blog has a day job at Bryce Canyon National Park one of the most visually stunning pieces of land in North America.  The blog is a showcase.


Enjoy these blogs, we’ll be heading north to Idaho, Montana, and into Canada next week!

Til then!


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