Friday Roundup: Nov 7, 2008

Step right up folks!  Here’s your weekly roundup of NBN-endorsed carnivals.

For more information on precisely what a carnival is, as well as a guidebook to hosting, Mike has got it covered over at 10,000 Birds, though a quick google search will probably give you more information than you know what to do with.

There are obviously lots of carnivals out there, fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately?) for us nature bloggers, we can focus on a few specific ones that are most likely to fit out interests.  Those carnivals are as follows, in particular order:

  • Tangled Bank: The grandfather of all nature blogs, accepting of all posts of a broad scientific and medical nature.  Pretty much anyone in the NBN can submit to Tangled Bank, and you should.  It’s published every other Wednesday, the current edition,#117, is at Neural Gourmet.
  • Carnival of the Blue: For those interested in the other 70% of the earth’s surface, this is your blog.  They accept any post about the oceans or life therein.  It usually runs the first Monday of the month, but sometimes later. The current edition, #18, is at Deep Sea News.
  • Circus of the Spineless: The carnival for invertebrate enthusiasts.  Bugs, worms, snails are all on display here.  This blog used to run at the beginning of every month, but hasn’t in recent months.  If anyone is interested, this is a nice pick up and would be great to see posted regularly again.  The current edition, #34 from June, is at Gossamer Tapes
  • Festival of the Trees: Just like it sounds, trees and forests take center stage here.  This s a fairly broad mission, as lots of what any of us do involve getting out in the woods.  Festival of the Trees is published on the first of every month. #29 is at via Negativa.
  • Berry Go Round: With a slightly broader mission than Festival of the Trees, accepts posts about anything botanical, from sequoias to flowers to algae, should that spur your creative juices.  Berry Go Round runs once a month, at the beginning of each month, and the most recent edition is #10 over at 10,000 Birds.
  • Friday Ark: The most regular carnival, and the one with the loosest rules, the Friday Ark compiles blog posts of a very general nature every week.  You may not have to submit something specifically, as the Modulator selects posts at his own discretion to some extent, but why take the chance?  The current Ark is #215, but by now there may be something new today.
  • I and the Bird:  The blog for bird lovers is a creation of our very own Mike Bergin and has consistently been an exceptionally popular and dutifully regular carnival.  Here you’ll find writing about birds, bird watching, bird research, and anything avian.  I and the Bird is published every other Thursday, and the current edition, #87, can be found at Ecobirder.
  • Learning in the Great Outdoors: The carnival of environmental education, this one has had some trouble getting some legs.  Help it out by volunteering to host, it’s published on the first of the month.  The last edition, from June, was at The Miss Rumphius Effect.
  • Linneaus’ Legacy: The monthly carnival dedicated to taxonomy and classification.  Musings on names and the science of understanding diversity are on the docket here once a month, around the 7th or 8th of every month.  The most recent edition, from Podblack Cat, was published in October, a new one is coming soon.
  • Oekologie: Ecology is the name of the game here and Oekologie is dedicated to bringing you the month’s best in environmental science.  This carnival was down for a couple months, with the last edition posted in August at Seeds Aside, however, it’s back in November and hopefully regularly after that.  Make sure by volunteering to host!
  • The Boneyard: Nature from millions of years ago is still nature.  The Boneyard deals with paleontology, fossils and of course, them bones.  Updated once a month, the current edition, #23, can be found at When Pigs Fly Returns.

So these are the blogs you’ll see updated regularly in this spot.  All nature, all the time.  I fully admit this may not be everything that’s out there either.  If there is a nature related carnival out there that I’m not aware of, please spread the word in the comments and I’ll keep an eye on it too.

Enjoy the weekend!

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