Friday Roundup: Jan 9, 2009

Carnival of the Blue #20 – Ring in the New Year with the first nature carnival of 2009 at The Biomes Blog

Linneaus Legacy #15 – An edition filled with quality submissions at Greg Laden’s Blog

I and the Bird #91 – It’s been gone for a month, and back with a vengeance at From the Faraway Nearby

Friday Ark #225 – As steady as the rising sun at The Modulator

Whither Tangled Bank?


Also, don’t forget to help Mike out with his Blog Carnival discussion at the Science Blogging convention next weekend.  It’s practically in my backyard so I’ll be there too, but even if you can’t get to North Carolina next weekend your thoughts and questions about carnivals you love to read or participate in are much appreciated.  Your input is crucial, so let us know what you think!