Friday Roundup: Feb 6, 2009

Hope you brought your carnival reading shoes.  This one’s a doozy.

Festival of the Trees #32 – A artful edition at treeblog

Circus of the Spineless #35 – A more than triumphant return at The Other 95%

Carnival of the Arid #1 – A strong inaugural edition over at Coyote Crossing

I and the Bird #93 – A packed nearly to bursting edition over at Vickie Henderson Art

Carnival of the Blue #21- A really fun poetic turn at The Oyster’s Garter

Carnival of Evolution #8.1 and #8.2 – With submissions so nice he had to post ‘em twice at Biochemicalsoul

Friday Ark #229The Modulator never disappoints.


Carnival fans can have a full weekend with this lineup!