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Liza Lee Miller’s blog title, “It’s Just Me,” subtly states the attraction of nature blogging. For each of us, it’s our words, photos, ideas, passions, and beliefs that inform our writing. Blogging gives us the chance to share all that with others who understand and to be part of a community that cares about such things. Liza’s love of nature, her family, and her dog Ruby, are all part of her blog, as is her passion for writing.

ravens are her favorite bird

ravens are her favorite bird

In addition to blogging at It’s Just Me, Liza can be found at Twitter and Flickr as lizalee. A look at two of her posts, A long walk on the coast and Trip Report: Elkhorn Slough, will introduce you to her writing and photography, and give a flavor of her blog. And these two poems are among my favorites, Pigeons O’er the Mission and Hope of Spring.

Meet Liza (with a “z”) –

Liza, why do you blog?

My blog is a reflection of my life. I blog about my children, my dog, issues of importance to me, and mostly about the birds I see and my journey to becoming a birder. I got started in blogging as a way to improve my writing skills and as a way to become a better birder. Reading other birding blogs and conversing with other birders have helped me to get better at both birding and blogging. My favorite part of blogging is the community that is created by the bloggers who read my blog and those that I read. It’s amazing the sense of community that can spring up through something so simple. Another unexpected aspect of blogging is how much I’ve learned about photography, specifically photographing birds.

baby wood duck

baby wood duck

What’s unique or different about your blog?

I think my blog is similar to many other blogs out there . . . I share my passion for birding and photography with glimpses of other areas of my life. The unique thing about my blog is my poetry. I write poems several times a month.

How do you promote your blog and attract readers?

I am constantly amazed by the fact that I do attract readers at all. Most of my regular readers and commenters are from the community of bloggers that I read regularly. I also participate in several blog carnivals. The main one is the amazing I and the Bird (hosted by 10,000 Birds) but I also do Bird Photography Weekly and SkyWatch Friday. I find that I get lots of new visitors and commentors from participating in these carnivals. I also use Twitter. I really like the immediacy of Twitter communication. I don’t know if I’ve gotten new readers through Twitter or not but I have definitely enhanced my birding knowledge and skills through that medium. I don’t have great aspirations of being the next Dooce or Pioneer Woman but I’m always happy to get new readers. Honestly, it just feels good that people I don’t know would be interested in what I have to say.

Any comments on being part of the nature blogger community?

I am really impressed with the Nature Blog Network and what you do. I have had a hard time finding other west coast birders to read their blogs. I was so excited when the NBN introduced some new West Coast birders who blog. Not all of them were my cup of tea but I did find some new blogs that I’m now reading.

Has blogging changed how you think about nature? or how you write?

Blogging has changed how I see the world. I spend more time looking and listening to the world around me know. I am seeing my skills at birding identification grow each year. Since I don’t have time or energy for birding trips or even participating in my local bird club very much, most of the knowledge I’ve gained is through the bird blog community.

I have always been a writer. I write poetry. I aspire to writing novels. I don’t have much time to write the way I’d like to (although I keep trying). But, I find the daily writing for my blog, the responsibility that I feel to keep writing daily is really important to me.

Any words of wisdom for new nature bloggers?

Share your passion for nature honestly and regularly. Find what makes your blogging voice unique. If you can include illustrations and pictures, do so. But write and write regularly.

Anything else you’d like me to ask you, or that you’d like to volunteer without being asked?

Blogging is a great way to record growth. I have tried to do some regular features on my blog but the regularity doesn’t work that well for me for long. I like I and the Bird because it highlights a post I’ve already written. I like the Bird Photography Weekly and Sky Watch carnivals because they keep me focused on the world around me. What works over and over again for me is sharing my thoughts and passions about nature and birds . . . with a healthy dose of the rest of my life mixed in.

Thank you, Liza.


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    What a lovely honor and a great interview with a wonderful blogger! :c)

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    Thanks, Wren. It was really fun to be featured on Nature Blog Network!

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    Jayne, I always pick blogs I like or that are recommended by someone who’s judgment I trust. Let me know if you have any suggestions for future features.

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    Liza, it was my pleasure.

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