Community Bulletin Board – October 18, 2009

No new news this week, but all of last week’s announcements are still valid. Two weeks left for the challenge! Even a dollar will help, and it all goes to a good cause!

Don’t forget, the NBN board isn’t just for announcing events! If you have contests or promotions, want to share a new project you’re involved in, share a cause you believe in, have items you wish to sell, want to solicit feedback from the NBN community, or anything else that might be of interest to our members, don’t hesitate to send it in!

Submissions can be sent to sanderling [at] symbiotic [dot] ca, with the subject line “NBN Bulletin Board”. Don’t forget to include your blog’s name and URL. The weekly board will be posted every Sunday.

Meet-ups and Field Trips

Dawn of Dawn’s Bloggy Blog and the Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp are doing it again – this time in California! The next BwBTC outing is scheduled for the Sacramento Wildlife Refuge on Saturday, November 21. It’s open to everyone, and is a great way to meet some fellow like-minded birders and bloggers! For more details on the specifics of the event, or to sign up to participate, visit Dawn’s post here. The outing will be hosted by Larry Jordan of The Birder’s Report. For a taste of some of the birds to be seen, visit Larry’s post recounting a recent visit.

Member participation

This month we’ve been highlighting the campaign in support of classrooms across the country (posts here and here). If you haven’t gone over to pledge a few dollars – every little bit helps, even if all you can contribute is a dollar! – make sure you do so at some point this month. Not only are you supporting great classroom projects that enrich the learning experience of our children, but you’re helping to make school a place kids want to be. Our very own Wren has set up her own Giving Page as part of the bloggers’ challenge at – you can read her promotion at her own blog here, or go directly to her giving page. Also be sure to check out Bug Girl’s giving page, the Ocean Bloggers’ giving page, Potspoon’s giving page, and the Social Media Challenge homepage. Make sure you spread the word! The more people who are aware of the campaign, the greater the potential benefit to all these worthy projects!

Contests and Promotions

Amber of Birder’s Lounge also reminds members that her photo ID challenge and Do Something! (Good) campaign are always ongoing. Some great causes benefit from both of these, so swing by and participate, if you haven’t already!