Community Bulletin Board – July 5, 2009

If you have news, event or classified listings that you want to share with the NBN community, send your info to me for posting on the community board, to get the word out to everyone! Submissions can be sent to sanderling [at] symbiotic [dot] ca, with the subject line “NBN Bulletin Board”. Don’t forget to include your blog’s name and URL. The weekly board will be posted every Sunday.

As mentioned previously by Wren, the Nature Blog Network now has a map page that displays the geographic locations of NBN members! Any member with the tracking code installed (the banner and code provided to you when you signed up) can be added, by city and state, to the NBN map. This will make it easier to find other regional blogs or members who live near you, or who live in an area you will be visiting. Great for organizing meet ups! Participation is voluntary, and you can indicate what city to use for your location. If you live in a small town, you can indicate a larger nearby city if you prefer. Check out the map here, and contact Wren or leave a comment (below or at the original announcement) if you’d like to be added to the map.

Fred First of Fragments from Floyd has just published his second book, What We Hold In Our Hands: a Slow Road Reader. Personal essays,“grampa tales” and more than 50 black-and-white photos focus on our relationship to nature and each other. The book extends the hyperlocal folk-writing from the last part of his first book, and consists of almost 100 short pieces, moves from the local and personal to the regional and global and back again in ten “chapters”. To read more about the book, or to order your own copy, visit

Greg of Conservation Conversations recently shared a series of one two three four posts about a highly successful Greater Ozarks Audubon Society effort in environmental education, a result of a TogetherGreen innovation grant award funded by Toyota Motors and administered by the National Audubon Society, one of only 41 nationwide. The Green Leadership Academy for Diverse Ecosystems (GLADE) provides the opportunity for sixteen enthusiastic high school students, selected from many applicants from the region, to participate in an academically rigorous, hands on experience in conservation biology with the goal of creating a new generation of environmental leaders, closely tying them to the Ozarks bioregional network of “green partners”. Each received a $100 grant to develop a “green” project in their home community. In the words of cofounder Lisa Berger, “we want our GLADE grads to carry with them the skills acquired at camp, and to be inspired to be leaders, to make a difference, knowing their actions today will shape tomorrow.”

It’s great to see some of our NBN members at work in their communities. Have you blogged about conservation or environmental education efforts you’ve been involved in in your community? Send me your link and I’ll share your projects here on the bulletin board!

Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp now has its own website! The site has discussion boards for members to post events, arrange meet-ups, discuss sightings and post photos. Joining is free and open to all. A reminder that the second 2009 Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp outing is scheduled for Saturday, July 11, departing from Milford, CT, and will be led by Luke of Under Clear Skies.

Amber of Birder’s Lounge also reminds members that her photo ID challenge and Do Something! (Good) campaign are always ongoing. Some great causes benefit from both of these, so swing by and participate, if you haven’t already!

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    Thanks so much for the kind words about GLADE! We are looking forward to sharing the community projects that come out of it!