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Featured Blog: Mon@rch’s Nature Blog

Mon@rch’s Nature Blog is well-known to NBN members, and is a perennial favorite of many of us. Tom, aka mon@rch, also maintains birdQUIZ, a fun blog for sharpening your identification skills. He has 16 years of experience in the environmental education and field biology research field. In the early 1990’s, Tom was a volunteer for [...]

Featured Blog: Magnificent Frigatebird

This week, I’d like you to meet Amy Evenstad, the blogger of Magnificent Frigatebird and Birdorable.You may remember Birdorable from the Bloggerhead Kingbirds team logo in last week’s feature. I’ll let Amy introduce herself: In 1999 I moved to the Netherlands to live with my future husband. Before that I had never been out of [...]

Featured Blog: Picus Blog

Meet this week’s featured blogger, Christopher Ciccone (no relation to Madonna, thank you) from PicusBlog. Christopher started birding in 2003 and has been blogging about his experiences for about two years now. At home in Massachusetts, many of his posts revolve around birding in New England. However, he and his wife love to travel for [...]

Featured Blog Carnival: Festival of the Trees

This week, we’re featuring a blog carnival rather than a blog. Many of you know, and have contributed to, Festival of the Trees already. If you haven’t, I hope this introduction will broaden your horizons and perhaps inspire a contribution. On a personal note, Festival of the Trees is a favorite of mine, because it’s [...]

Featured Blog: Deep Sea News

Today’s guests are the authors of Deep Sea News, Kevin Zelnio and Dr. M. Kevin is a researcher at Duke Marine Lab studying the population genetics and molecular ecology of animals at deep-sea hydrothermal vents. He studied Evolution, Ecology and Geology at University of California, Davis and has a Masters degree in Biology from Penn [...]

Featured Blog: Birder’s Lounge

Our featured blog this week is Birders Lounge, and our author and hostess is Amber Coakley. Amber  has been blogging at Birder’s Lounge since May, 2008, and recently helped launch the new carnival, House of Herps. Though birds are her primary focus, Amber has deep appreciation and unbridled enthusiasm for all wildlife. If you’d like [...]

Featured Blog: Sycamore Canyon

Meet Kathie Brown, aka “Kathiesbirds,” author of the blog Sycamore Canyon ( After moving to Arizona in 2007, Kathie started Sycamore Canyon to combine her love of birds and nature with her passion for writing, photography, and art. While Kathie’s location is not the famous Sycamore Canyon on the Mexico border, it still provides birding [...]

Featured Blog: Quantum Tiger Wildlife Photography

Ian Coleman blogs at Quantum Tiger Wildlife Photography. He is based in West London where he works as an IT Manager for an international relief and development charity. Ian is a keen wildlife photographer and self-confessed internet junkie. He’s at his happiest out in wild places with camera in hand or in front of a [...]

Featured Blog: The Grass Stain Guru

Bethe Almeras is an award-winning author and educator with a passion for play and for helping people connect with nature. When she isn’t writing, she loves to travel, meet friends for margaritas, or chatter with the neighborhood squirrels. You can learn more about Bethe on her blog, The Grass Stain Guru, and follow her on [...]

Featured Blog: Yours

“Why do you blog?” I ask this question of every featured blogger, and the results are interesting as well as  diverse. I asked my NBN partner before she joined the team: Seabrooke, Why do you blog? I’ve been writing to the web since 2002, primarily on a personal basis, as a way to keep in [...]