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Featured Blog: Ohio Nature Blog

This week, our featured blog is Ohio Nature Blog, written and photographed by Tom Arbour. Tom, tell us a little about yourself. I’ve been interested in nature as long as can I remember.  I have a BA from Hiram College (that’s where came from) with a master’s degree in Environmental Sciences from Miami University [...]

Featured Blog: Bell Tower Birding

Jochen Roeder is our featured blogger this week. Although Jochen is a trained biologist specializing in field zoology, he describes himself as “an ordinary German despite blogging in English, as bird blogging in German would be a lonesome business.” I’ll let Jochen tell you more about himself. I have always been interested in animals and [...]

Featured Blog: Steve Creek Outdoors

I’m sure it won’t surprise you to learn that the blogger behind Steve Creek Outdoors is Steve Creek. Steve is an Arkansas-based wildlife photographer specializing in the wildlife found in Arkansas and Oklahoma. His images are created from his overwhelming passion for being outdoors with cameras in tow. You can read more about his approach [...]

Featured Blog: Xenogere

Welcome, everyone, and please meet this week’s featured blogger, from Xenogere. Jason, introduce yourself. My name is Jason Hogle and I live in Dallas, Texas.  I travel as often as I can, yet I spend a great deal of time enjoying the unending parade of life that resides in or migrates through this state.  I’m [...]

Featured Blog: Myrmecos

Meet Alex Wild, the blogger behind Myrmecos Blog, and one of those lucky people whose hobby is also their living. Alex is a research entomologist ( at the University of Illinois. He works on the taxonomy and evolution of various insects, especially ants, but also beetles and parasitic wasps. He also runs a small insect [...]

Featured Blog: Beetles in the Bush

Ted C. MacRae blogs at Beetles in the Bush, our featured blog this week. He also founded An Inordinate Fondness, a new blog carnival focusing on beetles, and is a contributing editor at Ted is one of those lucky people who get to combine work and play in daily life: beetle taxonomy is his [...]

Featured Blog: Bill of the Birds

Bill Thompson III, who blogs as Bill of the Birds, is the editor of Bird Watcher’s Digest by day. He’s also a keen birder, the author of many books, a dad, a field trip leader, an ecotourism consultant, a guitar player, the host of the “This Birding Life” podcast, a regular speaker/performer on the birding [...]

Featured blog: coming later today

And it will be worth coming back for, I promise!

Featured Blog: The House and other Arctic musings

Clare Kines blogs at The House and other Arctic musings. He is a retired mountie (member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police) who lives in the High Arctic Community of Arctic Bay, 73 degrees North. I don’t know if he’s our northernmost member in this hemisphere, but he’s certainly one of the most northernly bloggers [...]

Featured Blog: The Willow House Chronicles

This week’s featured blog is The Willow House Chronicles, the blog of Sheri aka Barefootheart (don’t you love that nickname? I do!). Sheri is a self-described late-50s mother of 3 grown daughters, a long-time horsekeeper, a crazy cat lady, a book reader, a student of nature, and a gardener. She currently keeps two horses and [...]