Blog Carnivals for the Nature-Science Set

You know what a blog carnival is and you know how participating in blog carnivals can supercharge your site. The next step is determining which carnivals to submit posts to. If you blog primarily about nature, science, or health issues, you’ll find following the most comprehensive list of potentially relevant carnivals available (updated March 2010).

Each listing includes the:
- carnival name
- carnival home site
- topic
- location
- frequency


An Inordinate Fondness
Beetles – roaming – monthly

Berry Go Round
Any aspect of plant life – roaming – monthly

Carnival of the Arid
Science, environment, culture, politics and travel in the world’s deserts

Carnival of the Blue
Oceans and marine life – roaming – monthly

Circus of the Spineless
Insects, arachnids, invertebrates – roaming – monthly

House of Herps
Reptiles and amphibians – roaming – monthly

Festival of the Trees
All things arboreal – roaming – monthly

Friday Ark
Animal photos and links, pets allowed – static – weekly

I and the Bird (!!!)
Birding and wild birds – roaming – biweekly

The Moth and Me
Moths and plenty of them – static – monthly


Cabinet of Curiosities
marvels of natural history, cryptozoology, archeology, etc – roaming – monthly

The Giant’s Shoulders
posts on “classic” scientific papers – roaming – monthly

Scientia Pro Publica
All recent science, nature and medical writing – roaming – biweekly

women in science – roaming – monthly

Skeptics’ Circle
debunking pseudoscience – roaming – biweekly


Carnival of Evolution
evolution – roaming – biweekly

neuroscience and psychology – roaming – biweekly

Gene Genie
genes and genetic conditions – roaming – monthly

Linnaeus’s Legacy
Taxonomy and diversity of life – roaming – monthly

Mendel’s Garden
genetics – roaming – monthly


The Accretionary Wedge
geoscience – roaming – monthly

Carnival of Space
astronomy and space – roaming – biweekly


Fourth Stone Hearth
anthropology – roaming – biweekly


Brain Blogging
topics related to the brain and mind – static – biweekly
This site also maintains the drugs and pharmacology carnival

Cancer Research Blog Carnival
cancer news from around the blogosphere – roaming – monthly

Change of Shift
about nurses and for nurses – roaming – biweekly

Grand Rounds
any aspect of medicine – roaming – weekly

Health Wonk Review
health policy – roaming – biweekly

Medicine 2.0
web 2.0 and medicine – roaming – biweekly

Surgery, Surgeons, Medicine, etc.- roaming – biweekly


An Outdoorsy Carnival
outdoor-related activities – static – monthly

Book Review Blog Carnival
book reviews – roaming – biweekly

Carnival of Cities (no carnival page)
Any aspect of a city – roaming – weekly

Carnival of the Green
green living, conservation, and eco-consciousness – roaming – biweekly

Review Bloggers’ Carnival
Reviews of any product – mostly static – biweekly

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    blog carnival is great way to promoting our blogs :)

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  1. By I and the Bird #115 on December 17, 2009 at 9:14 PM

    [...] me to believe we may be entering a Golden Age of nature blog carnivals. Nature bloggers can boast a number of vital carnivals covering a variety of important topics but there have been, until recently, some glaring absences. [...]