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While it is difficult to know just what to say when exiting such a publicly visible project as the Nature Blog Network Blog, this is precisely what I am faced with doing at present. While my own blog, Born Again Bird Watcher, will continue on as it has done for over two years now, life [...]

Nature News in Review – Week Ending May 16, 2009

Flora Lest anyone doubt the ability of something barely visible as an independent organism to wreak havok upon the biosphere, a global assessment of all 5,743 known amphibian species has found that amphibian chytrid fungus is threatening to wipe out a third of them. U.S. President Barack Obama has been honored by having a newly [...]

Nature News in Review – Week Ending May 8, 2009

Flora The wild ancestors of common domestic fruit trees are in danger of becoming extinct. Scientists have discovered the source of the gigantic green tide of algae that almost derailed the Beijing Olympics sailing regatta. Fauna Tagging whale sharks in the Maldives. Does Homo floresiensis truly represent a new hominid species? Natural Resources and Public [...]

Good of the Order – Nature’s Voice Nominated for Sony Award

A podcast regularly included in this blog’s “Nature News in Review” posts – Nature’s Voice, the monthly podcast of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) produced by Podcats – has been nominated for the Internet Programme Award in the 27th Sony Radio Academy Awards. The announcement of the winner of this and [...]

Nature News in Review – Week Ending May 1, 2009

Flora Scientists have identified why excessive fertilization of soils is resulting in a loss of plant diversity. Lake Baikal’s algae are particularly vulnerable to expected reductions in the length of time the lake is frozen each winter. Fauna Well, a virus is roughly “fauna,” and since it seems to be foremost in many people’s minds, [...]

Good of the Order – Sunday Afternoon Jocularity

In honor of the recent observation of Earth Day, I thought I’d share a recent YouTube video featuring Michaela Watkins that was brought to my attention through the Nature Blog Network. However I’ll be perfectly honest – I don’t know who Michaela Watkins is. Also, for full disclosure, I really didn’t find it that funny; [...]

Nature News in Review – Week Ending April 24, 2009

Flora Traditional fruit orchards are vanishing from England’s landscape – with serious consequences for wildlife. A new species of tree has been identified in Ethiopia; the Acacia fumosa is widespread but had probably been overlooked by botanists because of its remote location and the violence there. Fauna The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has launched [...]

Good of the Order – Paying it Forward

Unless you’ve recently won a large lottery prize or cashed out a substantial investment portfolio that was heavily invested in Internet technologies just before the bust, you’ve no doubt noticed that things in the national economies of just about every country on the planet are not doing so well at the moment. This “downturn,” as [...]

Nature News in Review – Week Ending April 17, 2009

Flora The long-standing debate about why autumn leaves change color has new impetus from the humble apple tree. Cornell University is giving China back its treasured mushrooms. Fauna Please do ask for whom the bell tolls – the Sidamo Lark could soon be the first bird on mainland Africa to die out since modern records [...]

Nature News in Review – Week Ending April 10, 2009

Flora By sequencing the DNA of two tiny marine algae, a team of scientists has opened up a myriad of possibilities for new research in algal physiology, plant biology, and marine ecology. For bryologists, mosses and liverworts are a focus of study from which they can learn much about the habitats in which these often [...]