Monthly Archives: September 2009

Newest Blogs in the Network: 9-30-2009

Seven blogs, seven categories, and great reading for all. Welcome, new friends! Backyard Blog rhymes with Frog – Following the encounters of native animals in and around my home in Queensland Australia- some visitors, some pets, all welcome. Birds Weekly Tweet – Wildlife in my back garden Flora La mature de Majella Larochelle – entomologie, [...]

Carny Deadlines: September 29, 2009

Don’t forget!  I almost did… –=====– I and the Bird #110 -to Foovay’s Cauldron by the end of the day today! Carnival of Evolution #14 – to Pleiotropy by the end of the day today! Circus of the Spineless #42 – to Quiche Moraine by the end of the day today! Berry Go Round #20 – [...]

Nature Blog Networking: Of a spiritual nature

I hope all of you are watching the wonderful Ken Burns documentary on America’s National Parks this week. At the time of this writing I’ve only seen the first episode, but it encapsulated so well what I wanted to say in this place for this topic. “Spirit” is kind of a nebulous topic; intensely personal, [...]

Featured Blog: This Lively Earth

Meet Priscilla Stuckey, the blogger behind This Lively Earth. She’s new to blogging–just took it up this year–but is a longtime birder, nature watcher, and bookworm. “I like to say my life is about books: I teach them, edit them, and write them.” Priscilla teaches humanities in the graduate programs of a small college and [...]

Community Bulletin Board – September 27, 2009

Don’t forget, the NBN board isn’t just for announcing events! If you have contests or promotions, want to share a new project you’re involved in, share a cause you believe in, have items you wish to sell, want to solicit feedback from the NBN community, or anything else that might be of interest to our [...]

Newest Blogs in the Network 9-26-09

Special Interim Edition of Newest Blogs, published in the hope that I’ll some day be caught up with all our fabulous new members. So go by and say hello to these folks, okay? Birds Hawk Migration Notes – Written by staff and board members of the Hawk Migration Association of North America, focuses on hawk [...]

Friday Roundup: September 25, 2009

The first carnivals of fall, or spring, depending on your hemispherical orientation. –=====– Scientia Pro Publica #12 – Science for the people at Lab Rat Friday Ark #262 – at The Modulator

NBN Donors Choose Challenge

Most calls for charitable donations appeal to a donor’s sense of decency and kindness. Bug Girl, on the other hand, wants to engage our competitive spirit! Please read her following appeal for members of the Nature Blog Network to crush all other blogging niches while supporting outstanding nature-themed educational initiatives: Interested in No Child Left [...]

Carny Deadlines: September 22, 2009

Happy Equinox! –=====– I and the Bird #110 -to Foovay’s Cauldron by September 29 Festival of the Trees #39 – to  local ecologist by September 29 Carnival of Evolution #14 – to Pleiotropy by September 29 Circus of the Spineless #42 – to Quiche Moraine by September 29 Carnival of the Blue #29 – to Cephalapodcast [...]

Nature Blog Networking: Back to New England

When I first looked at New England nature blogs lo those many months ago, the NBN was a much smaller place.  Since then, the community has doubled at least.  We’re now pushing 1000 nature blogs, and what was only about 10 New England based nature blogs a few months ago has doubled as well.  Those [...]