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Carny Deadlines: June 30, 2009

it’s the end of the month, which means lots of monthly carnivals are getting ready for their big days.  Make sure you are represented! –=====– Circus of the Spineless #40 – to Cheshire by the end of the day today! Friday Ark #250 – to the Modulator by this Thursday, July 2 Scientia Pro Publica [...]

Nature Blog Networking: Ready for my close-up

Perspective is a difficult thing for human beings to get out heads around.  As far as life on earth goes, we’re big; huge even, so right from the start we have an extremely skewed view of a world that exists on a much much smaller scale that we can readily perceive.  In the small world, [...]

Featured Blog: Bug Girl’s Blog

Bug Girl is obsessed with insects and the ways in which our culture interacts with insects and nature. A professional entomologist by training, she’s an administrator by day and blogger by night. If you aren’t familiar with Bug Girl’s Blog, join her numerous fans and followers, starting with these posts: I have pubic lice in [...]

Community Bulletin Board – June 28, 2009

It’s been a quiet week here in the NBN community, hopefully because we’re all so busy enjoying the summer sunshine that we haven’t had much time for sitting at our keyboards! Don’t be shy, if you have news, event or classified listings that you want to share with the NBN community, send your info to [...]

Friday Roundup: June 26, 2009

Several carnivals for the last week in June –=====– Berry Go Round #17 – One I apparently overlooked the last couple weeks at Gravity’s Rainbow.  My apologies. I and the Bird #103 – Take me out to the I and the Bird at Birdfreak. Friday Ark #249 – at The Modulator

Reader Opinion: What’s your favorite?

Can Blogging Make You a Better Person?

Michael Martine of Remarkablogger recently asked a question I expect might evoke introspection in many of us on the Nature Blog Network: Can blogging make you a better person? How would tapping out any old thought that comes to mind make one a better person. Oh, you think I’ve gotten blogging confused with Twitter? Maybe [...]

Newest Blogs in the Network: 6-24-2009

Welcome our newest members – this week, as last, we have new members from the BwBTC outing. We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing a lot more from all our members, but please stop by and say hello, whether you’ve met in person or not! Birds Donald The Birder’s Blog – I am a birder, [...]

Carny Deadlines: June 23, 2009

Carnivals accepting you submission for the next week and beyond. –=====– I and the Bird #103 – to Birdfreak by the end of the day today! Friday Ark #249 – to the Modulator by this Thursday, June 25 Berry Go Round #18 – to Foothills Fancies by Friday, June 26 Festival of the Trees #36 [...]

Nature Blog Networking: Merry Olde

The results are in!  And they’re only so good.  You may remember, or most likely not, that I asked blogs to self-submit to the Nature Blog Networking compilation.  For the topic Wild Great Britain I had four submissions, which is good, but not great.  I pulled a few more blogs out of the lists this [...]