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Newest Blogs in the Network 4-29-2009

You’ve really got to check these 17 new members of the Nature Blog Network out. It’s amazing what kind of quality nature writing is produced every single day! BIRDS Frontenac Bird Studies – Avian Monitoring and Research Programs in the Frontenac Axis region of Ontario, Canada. Vagrants, Vagabonds, and migrant Visitor birds – A place [...]

Carny Deadlines: April 28, 2009

Nearly every single carnival we plug has deadlines this week.  You guys have got your work cut out for you… –=====– I and the Bird #99 – to Migrations by the end of the day today! Festival of the Trees #35 – to Orchards Forever by tomorrow, April 29 yesterday. I guess that’s too late [...]

Nature Blog Networking: Sing Sing Singapore pt 1

What is it about that tiny island in the Southeast Asia?  That a small island, only 274 square miles, could be a nature blogging juggernaut seems odd.  But there are a few clues here and there.  23% of the nation consists of forests and nature preserves.  The wetlands surround the main island and the 60 [...]

Featured Blog: It’s Just Me

Liza Lee Miller’s blog title, “It’s Just Me,” subtly states the attraction of nature blogging. For each of us, it’s our words, photos, ideas, passions, and beliefs that inform our writing. Blogging gives us the chance to share all that with others who understand and to be part of a community that cares about such [...]

Good of the Order – Sunday Afternoon Jocularity

In honor of the recent observation of Earth Day, I thought I’d share a recent YouTube video featuring Michaela Watkins that was brought to my attention through the Nature Blog Network. However I’ll be perfectly honest – I don’t know who Michaela Watkins is. Also, for full disclosure, I really didn’t find it that funny; [...]

Nature News in Review – Week Ending April 24, 2009

Flora Traditional fruit orchards are vanishing from England’s landscape – with serious consequences for wildlife. A new species of tree has been identified in Ethiopia; the Acacia fumosa is widespread but had probably been overlooked by botanists because of its remote location and the violence there. Fauna The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has launched [...]

Friday Roundup: April 24, 2009

Ah, it’s so nice to have a general science carnival back again, no?  At the very least, it fattens up this post… –=====– Scientia Pro Publica #2 – One more home show at Living the Scientific Life before hitting the road. Friday Ark #240 – at the Modulator, as always

What have you done for your blog friends lately?

In February, I posted a number of suggestions for easy ways each of us could promote the nature blogging community. The first of these, “List your favorite blogs in your blogroll, and keep the links up to date” sounds very simple. But how many of us set up our blogrolls once, and never give them [...]

Newest Blogs in the Network 4-22-2009

Another week, another 13 new additions to the Nature Blog Network. These are indeed good times for nature blogging. Welcome our new colleagues by visiting their blogs. Who knows… your next new favorite may be among them! BIRDS DaveA’s Birding Blog – A great reason to get outside. Birds in Peru – Mostly photos of [...]

Carny Deadlines: April 21, 2009

Quite a few carnivals coming up at the end of the month.  They need your posts! ======= Friday Ark #240 – to the Modulator by this Thursday, April 23 Berry Go Round #16 – to Quiche Moraine by this Friday, April 24 I and the Bird #99 – to Migrations by April 28 Festival of [...]