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Nature News in Review – Week Ending January 30, 2009

Sorry for my absence from Nature News in Review last week. Aside from being in attendance at the Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival in Titusville, Florida, I was battling what I logically assumed was an infestation of malware on my laptop that made me unwilling to enter any passwords into it until all the [...]

Friday Roundup: January 30, 2009

Carnivals for the last week in January… Berry Go Round #13 – There’s tough, and then there’s winter tough, from Watching the World Wake Up. Friday Ark #228 – The Modulator never disappoints.

Why Backlinks Matter

We all know (we do, right?) that inbound links, better known as backlinks are essential to your blog’s popularity. But why? A backlink is simply a link from another website to yours. Such links are a cornerstone of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The number of backlinks a blog or site has translates to authority with [...]

Newest Blogs in the Network 1-28-2009

How many new blogs have we welcomed to the Nature Blog Network this week? Please enjoy these 10 tremendous sites, each of which are worth a click! BIRDS New Jersey Outdoors – Here’s a great blog about birding, hiking, and appreciating the beauty of nature where else but in the Garden State. Walk With Me [...]

Carny Deadlines: Jan 27, 2009

It’s getting close to the end of the month, which means the dead lines for lots of great carnivals is right around the corner.  Make sure you get involved. Friday Ark #228 – to The Modulator by January 29. Festival of the Trees #32 – to treeblog by January 30. Carnival of the Arid #1 [...]

Nature Blog Networking: Mollusks & Mushrooms

Mollusks and mushrooms don’t appear to have much in common at first glance.  One consists of a diverse and disparate group of invertebrate animals, some with shells, some not; the other a sort of half animal/half plant hybrid with bizarre characteristics of both.  But both are found in the undergrowth.  Both are often overlooked in [...]

Featured Blog: The Marvelous in Nature

This week, we are talking with Seabrooke Leckie, whose blog The Marvelous in Nature just celebrated its one-year blogoversary. Seabrooke is a writer, illustrator, photographer, and wearer of many hats, currently to be found wandering the woods of the Frontenac Axis north of Kingston in eastern Ontario. Her love of nature began as a child and [...]

Nature Blogging at ScienceOnline09

At last weekend’s terrific ScienceOnline09 science blogging conference, two Nature Blog Network stalwarts Grrlscientist of Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted) and Kevin Zelnio of Deep-Sea News moderated a session on Nature Blogging. Alas, N8 and I missed this valuable session since we were out, um, chasing nature but that doesn’t mean the important dialogue [...]

Friday Roundup: Jan 23, 2009

Step right up for all yer carnivalia for the third week in January… I and the Bird #92 – A really fun poetic turn at the Marvelous in Nature Friday Ark #227 – get your end of the week fix at the Modulator

Nature Blogging 2.0

This weekend, five bird bloggers, myself included, will be heading to Massachusetts to participate in Mass Audubon’s annual Superbowl of Birding, a 12 hour birding competition similar to the more famous World Series of Birding, but different in a couple important ways.  First, the competition lasts 12 hours instead of 24 (presumably to prevent hypothermia) [...]